The Future Of Architecture

When you think of buildings, you probably think of the generic four walls and a roof that have made up most buildings throughout history. The future, however, is starting to look very different.

Buildings made mostly of glass with metal supports, skyscrapers that twist and turn and curvy hotels built into the sides of quarry without a sharp corner in sight are looking to make up the future of architecture.

Architects are getting much bolder with their designs and are moving further away from the standard building shape of old. Jagged, irregular shapes or smooth, corner less curves are going to be the future. Here’s a look at some amazing buildings that showcase this and are expected out within the next few years:

The Future World Trade Centre

After the tragedy of September the 11th 2001, a new World Trade Centre decided upon. There are to be 5 new trade centre buildings, as well as various other buildings that’ll make up the new complex including a museum and transport hub.

The main Freedom Tower will graze the skyline of New York soon, and is more irregular in shape than the towers it’s replacing, replacing the standard flat wall with large triangles that make it seem like the building is twisting. The collection of towers all look modern and unique – especially compared to their predecessors.

Da Vinci Skyscraper

The Da Vinci/Dynamic Tower Skyscraper is a project set to be built Dubai. While on the outset it looks like a standard skyscraper, each section can turn and move independently from the rest.

This means the tower could literally change shape at any moment, as the sections pivot around the core. A rotating building allows for an unlimited number of design possibilities.

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Dragonfly is a concept building, based on a dragonfly’s wing, designed for New York. The artist’s impression of the building shows a giant green triangular structure towering over the city, standing out amongst the rest.

The building is set to not only be a place for environmentally green housing, but also provide green energy and be a centre for fresh food in the local urban area. This is an amazing concept, both architecturally and as an idea towards urban living for the future.

Kingdom Tower

Proposed for Saudi Arabia, this 3,281 foot tower would overshadow all other skyscrapers in the area if built. It was originally planned to be longer, but had to be cut down due to the area being stated as not supporting a tower of that size.

The artist’s impression of this building shows it pointed, gradually reaching that point by thinning as it reaches the top. It’s planned, if built, to be used for various roles including for offices, hotels and retail.

Songjiang Hotel

Making use of a disused quarry, the Songjiang Hotel is a concept building planned in China. While the bottom of the quarry would be filled with water, the hotel would be built into one of the walls.

The design shows it curving around the side of the quarry, with a waterfall running off to the water below. This is a great example showing using what some might see as ugly like a quarry and making something useful and good looking out of it.

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