The Perfect Solution To Preserving Your Photographs

Preserve your Charished Photographs

Photographs are one of your most treasured possessions; they show the best memories of your life and a reflection of your past. They are usually sorted and displayed in albums or scrapbooks. Everyone opens their albums when they want to get immersed in nostalgia, or they want to proudly show off old photos to friends and relatives who visit their home.

Need for Print Sleeves

Unfortunately, photos and albums can get destroyed due to many reasons They tend to attract dust and moisture from the surrounding environment. They are sensitive to scratches and fingerprints, photos that are handled alot will eventually get ruined. And of course, there is fading and general wear and tear from just being an old item. You might have the original negatives or the digital version stored on your computer, but getting damaged photos reprinted is a waste of time and money. Prevention is always better than cure, and getting them framed is one solution. However, print sleeves are the perfect solution to keep these photos safe, in terms of cost, efficient use of space and time.

There are Various Types of Photo Sleeves

The simplest form of print sleeves is sealed on two opposite sides. The photo is slipped into one of the open sides. The size of the sleeve is designed to fit the photo tight to prevent the photo from falling out of the album. Another kind has only one open side to insert the photo in; which is located at the side or on the top. A locking flap closes over the opening of the print sleeve for protection. Another type of sleeve has a strip of adhesive along one edge, which can be peeled off and attached to the desired section of the album; these are called photo mounting sleeves for photo prints. Sometimes, multiple print sleeves are available on a single sheet; each sleeve accommodates one picture or photo, but a single sheet can hold many of them.

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Attractive Features of Print Sleeves

Print sleeves are clear and do not block visibility of the photo in any way. In fact, they lend a professional look to your album and are ideal for portfolios to be shown to business clients. The material used to make them is free of acids or PVC; hence, these will not reach with the pictures in any way. They are light-weight yet sturdy and durable. Their edges do not rip while inserting the photos. If you need to remove your photographs at any time in the future, simply open the flap and pull it out.


Print sleeves can be used with traditional photographic prints and are also compatible with inkjet-printed, or laser-printed digital photographs. They are available in a variety of standard photo sizes. Depending on the number of photos you need to store, you can buy print sleeves in sets at a discounted price. Your photos are precious and deserve to be treated with care. Do not leave them exposed to the elements of nature. Tucked inside these plastic packets, your photos will last for years and can be handed down as a family heirloom from one generation to another.

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