The Secrets Of Crime Scene Cleaning

It is very important that crime scene cleaning does not take place before the police have gathered all of the facts for the case. Everything needs to be left just as it was when the crime first happened so that they can take fingerprints, pick up pieces of evidence that were left behind, and look for anything else that could indicate who was behind the crime in question. If this process is interrupted, it could make it impossible for the police to catch the people who committed the crime.

Collecting evidence is crucial

It should be noted that evidence still has to be collected even if the police have clearly caught the criminal in question. The place cannot just be cleaned since they know who is at fault, even if they came in while the crime was going on. They still need the evidence so that they can prove what they know when the case goes before a judge and a jury. Every year, people are released for crimes because the evidence is not enough to convict them, even when the police assumed that it would be. They always need to get the evidence, regardless of how simple and clear the crime seems to be at the time.

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Waiting for the order

Often, the head of the police will order the cleaning services only after he knows that everything that can be done on the scene has been done. Until he gives the order, nothing can be changed. As can be imagined, this is sometimes problematic in public places. What if the crime happened in the middle of a crowded marketplace or on a train? In these cases, the officers try to get the information as quickly as they can so that the rest of the people in the area are not inconvenienced.

Getting on with the job

If the officers still need to examine everything, but they need to get it cleaned up right away, they will sometimes take extensive pictures of the scene. For example, this is often done with auto accidents. They need to get the cars out of the road so that the other motorists can use it, so they will take photos and videos that can be used as evidence of what happened. In these cases, the crime scene cleaning services may be used before the officers know what really occurred. However, even in these cases, they will need to get all of the physical evidence that they can before cleaning.

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