The Top Winning Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Fundraising for a school’s cause is an important part of academic life as it instills hardworking values in the students as well as a sense of ownership.  Magazine subscriptions and the cliche candy bars are the most used fundraising ideas in many schools.  While those can be successful, there are other ways that can suit your school better if done correctly.


Holding competitions as a way of fundraising is among the popular ways. It is also a good way to channel the competitive energy into resource generation.  It can be between grades, classrooms or even rival schools.  It can be football competitions, aerobics, and athletics. Every person has to pay an entry fee to get in.

Gathering for Cash

Many companies accept used products that can later be manufactured and reused in exchange for cash. All you have to do is collect recyclable items such as old keyboards, candy wrappers, and used cell phones, among others and send to them. This not only provides a way of earning money but also cleans the environment by keeping those items out of the landfills.

Hold Auctions

Each student, a group of students or even an entire class gets creative and creates a unique piece of art. Only the highest bidder gets to own the piece of art through a silent or the traditional live auction. This method can bring in more money. In fact, this fundraiser can turn into a massive bidding war if every parent vows to buy their child’s artwork.

Cash Back Donations

It’s like a loyalty program where parents and teachers shop at certain stores and in exchange get a cash back donation to their schools. The earnings donated to the schools depend on the retailer and the purchased product. It is considered one of the most effortless fundraising methods for schools since parents continue shopping as they have always done, only that this time they don’t earn loyalty points but instead earn cash back donations to their schools.

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Another great way to fundraise while exposing student’s talents is by holding music, dancing or a dramatized performance event. Funds are raised through charging an entry fee. This is a good way to enhance the creativity of the students while encouraging support. You can also get sponsored music events where a company sponsors the event.

Fundraising Sales

Selling things is one of the easiest ways to raise funds. You can ask for junk donations which you can then sell as part of jumble sales. This method can earn some serious cash provided you spend less money on products.

Fundraising Services

You can offer services in exchange for cash. Services may include window cleaning, dog washing, car washing and lawn mowing in your neighborhood.

Sponsored Walk

Students can get active and hold a walk. Each student who walks is sponsored by their family, and friends whereby they fill out a form indicating how much they will donate for completing the walk. After the walk, the participant collects the money from his sponsors.

Raffle Tickets

This is a real winner. Buy a product, say a fridge, or any other product in demand at your local area, then sell raffle tickets to people who wish to win the product. Use a transparent method and a neutral party while determining the winner, else participants may feel duped and may never enter again. You surely want them another time, don’t you?

Hopefully, these ideas will help stimulate a unique fundraising campaign for your school.

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