Three Essential Pieces Of School Furniture That Could Need Replacement

Board of education budgets are dwindling, and schools all across the nation are doing their best to pinch pennies cut back on expenses. However, no matter how tight the school budget gets, one thing that simply cannot be overlooked is classroom furniture. If you have purchasing power at your school district, be sure not to skimp in these three areas: chairs, desks, and activity tables.


Chairs are perhaps the most essential piece of classroom furniture, but not just any chairs will do. In order to keep students comfortable and eager to learn, it is important not to skimp and order clunky and uncomfortable seats. Instead, opt for high-quality chairs from a reputable company. Virco Manufacturing Corporation, for example, is a national leader in school furniture and equipment. While there are a number of companies who manufacture and provide school furniture, Virco is one of the most reputable and well-known, which is why more U.S. schools use Virco chairs than any other brand.


The staple of any school, desks provide a place for students to comfortably work and learn. Whether you opt for the classic combination desk/chair often seen in high schools, a plain standalone desk, or a standalone desk with an open front and metal book box geared towards younger children, be sure to have clean and functional desks for your students. An old beat-up desk doesn’t give off the best vibe, so for the best possible classroom environment, keep desks in tip-top shape. If your existing desks are getting to be a bit banged up, it’s probably time to order new ones.

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From activity tables to lab tables to lunch tables, there is such a wide array of tables your school needs to have on hand. For pre-school, kindergarten, and other young students, low-height activity tables, sensory tables, and science exploration tables are all great buys. Regular round activity tables are a better fit for older students, while children of any age will enjoy taking some off from lessons to re-charge with a nice meal at a new lunch table.

While classroom furniture might seem like a no-brainer when it comes to determining your school’s needs and purchasing the necessary supplies, it’s an aspect of running a school that is often overlooked by administrators. Just because your school already has tables, desks, and chairs doesn’t mean that these old and outdated pieces of furniture aren’t ready for replacement. Be sure to assess the condition and functionality of these items on a yearly basis, and when needed, order replacement Virco chairs, tables, and desks to keep your school looking just as good as it functions.

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