Tips For Arranging Wall Posters On Your Wall

Posters are not just posters anymore. They have come to be a very important way to express oneself, like an art piece or a painting perhaps. Wall posters are the ultimate pieces of art in your room that express what you truly are, as well as your interests and your expressive feelings that you can’t quite express well other than with a poster. It’s an important personal touch for some people, and for others, a great way to decorate their walls. A bare wall would look dull and boring. But a wall with too much posters and things stuck to it could also be too disorganized and uncoordinated as well. So how do you really place and organize your posters in order to not make them look awkward or dingy on your walls? Here are a few useful tips on how:

  • If you are planning on placing large posters inside your house, place it somewhere central or focused. Place it in the most focal point inside your house like in the living room above the sofa, or above the fireplace. If you want it in your room, place it over your bed. The larger the poster, the more it should be placed over a large furniture in your house.
  • For smaller posters, place them over smaller furniture or decor. Add cohesiveness to your vase and place a small poster over it. You can even choose to place it on small coffee tables, over lamps, at the end of your dining tables, on top of single chairs, or in over similar locations for that matter. This will give the illusion of equality and would compliment each other.
  • If you have too many posters to place, organize them by design or theme and group them to form one single huge geometric shape such as a rectangle, a square, or a triangle. Arrange them in a way that they would compliment each other.
  • If you are not placing your wall posters over huge furniture, then keep them level to the overseer’s eye when standing. Arrange it in a way like you are arranging for an art gallery.
  • Always blend the posters with your surroundings. If you posters are for example, about food, then you can place them in your kitchen. If your posters are of movies, then place them inside the entertainment room or in your room.
  • Don’t hang posters too high over or too close to furniture. Place at least a 6-8 inch gap between the two. If you place the poster up any higher than that, it would look very disconnected to the furniture. If you put it any closer, it would look as if it’s interfering with the furniture’s design.
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Always remember to express yourself well with the decor that you put in your house. The poster that one chooses tells so much about a person’s personality. The way you arrange it also shows just how organized or messy a person is. Follow these tips and you wouldn’t need to pay for an interior decorator just to hang your posters for you.

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