Top 10 Art and Craft Resources for Festive Fun

In any classroom or home in the run up to Christmas it really is an exciting time for creativity, from Christmas cards to baubles and window displays, anything is possible.

Children love the opportunity to get messy and go wild with their imagination so a well-stocked craft cupboard gives you infinite creative options. With the right materials and tools, you can get the kids making and doing in so many different ways.

Homemade Gifts

Almost every parent appreciates a handmade gift that their child has lovingly crafted themselves. But it’s not just parents who can be the happy recipients, get your class to make unique presents which they can give to both family and friends to show they are thought of at this time of year.

It also gives teachers the opportunity to get children more involved in understanding the meaning of Christmas, beyond the latest toy or computer game craze and without having to spend wild sums of money.

Being Creative at Christmas

Art and craft days are a great inclusive activity too which all your children can get involved in. Letting them choose what they want to design and create means they don’t fee under pressure and they are only limited by imagination. And if they or you need a little inspiration there are many websites that provide free, downloadable ‘How To’s’ with easy to follow instructions too, in the spirit of Blue Peter you could also present an idea to copy, one that ‘made earlier’.

On your Christmas classroom essentials list be sure you stock up on these versatile, firm favourites:

  1. Paper and card
    perfect for Christmas cards, lanterns, garlands and even crackers
  2. Ribbons and bordettes
    use these in displays, on cards, presents, displays and even to make crowns in your Nativity
  3. Glitter and sequins
    splashed on cards, baubles and more they add sparkle
  4. Paint
    add vivid or twinkling hints of colour to bring creations to life
  5. Wooden pendants
    to decorate and hang on the tree, as place settings or picture frames let your pupils decide
  6. Felt
    create hats, costumes and festive shapes that are wonderfully tactile
  7. Pom poms
    create snowy scenes and lots of snowmen with fluffy white ones
  8. Pipe cleaners
    entwined these make great candy canes or bend and shape into festive themes
  9. Calendar tabs
    get ready for the new year with a personalised calendar
  10. Glue
    vital to piece together any creation.
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With these top 10 arts and crafts resources the festive options are endless.

If your class is feeling really resourceful why not get them to design and build a Nativity scene which you can use in story telling time and display for all to see.

No matter what each child chooses, the best moment is most definitely when the creations are complete and you see their proud little faces as they get ready to take them home, or give them to friends to say Happy Christmas.

I’d be surprised, if one or two weren’t also intended for their favourite teacher!

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