Top WordPress Plugins For Photographers

It’s not news to photographers that they need to maintain blogs in other to successfully promote themselves and make a serious business impact. One of the best blog platforms now is WordPress, and this is so because of the countless number of plugins you can add to your blog site to make it more effective, hence the importance of knowing about it and how to implement it. Out of the hundreds of plugins available for photographers I have selected this list which you should pay attention to.


It’s intentional to start this list with this new plugin that is making waves in the internet right now. FooBox can function in the default gallery system on WordPress or you can use it with NextGen gallery. The plugin is good for photographers because it is customisable, responsive and can be integrated with social media.

Google Analytics For WordPress

There is need for you as a photographer to track your WordPress site so you can understand exactly what is going on there; this plugin can help you achieve that very easily. With it you can easily implement analytic tracking codes so you can have the full data of pageviews, views per author and category and automatic tracking of outbound clicks.


More and more people are beginning to access the internet through their mobile devices because of their active lifestyle. This plugin make it very easy for you as a photographer to turn your WordPress blog into a mobile format to increase daily traffic. It contains very powerful features that make it easy for your blog to be viewed on the go. Your pages load quicker on mobile phones and devices, helping your audience have a better user experience.

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NextGen gallery

This is a very popular, fully automated and highly effective plugin for photographers with plenty of functions and operations. One major function that makes many people like this plugin is the ability to upload images in a zip file all at once, instead of uploading them one after the other. Many third-party developers also endorse and make use of NextGen gallery.


As you add images and photos to SlideDeck it arranges it into a slider that is both constructive and SEO friendly. This plugin provides great opportunity for photographers to improve their website or blog in an attractive and engaging way.

Booking Calendar

As you promote your photography business online you will also need a very simplified and easy way for people to make bookings for your services, this is what this WordPress plugin for photographers is all about. With the plugin anyone from anywhere can make online reservations as well as available checking services right there on your site.

SEO Friendly Images

If you care about people locating your blog through search engines (which you should), then you need to take this plugin very seriously. SEO friendly images are good for photographers because they automatically add TITLE and ALT tags to your uploaded images, making it easier for search engine crawlers to locate your images and rank them so people can find your blog through online image search. When optimising your uploaded images try making short but well matched file images.

Rename Media

You might not really be a lazy photographer if you don’t name your images, maybe you’re just busy and don’t have much time. This plugin help you rename any underlying media file so it is relevant for SEO.

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