What Does 9/11 to Global Jihad Depict?

9/11 to Global Jihad is a story-bound thriller from the dynamic Don Gould, targeted to showcase the radical peril that Islamic terrorism poses for all non-Islamic countries situated across the globe. The book begins with a frightening and cataclysmic global attack called 9/12, that is followed by an enduring perpetrator chase, ultimately winding up to a highly volatile and chilling end. At the heart of the story sits the Gland Plan, an ostentatious plan which is formulated to ascertain a ‘Global Islamic Caliphate’.

The foundation of the book

Don Gould had spent a considerable number of his vocational years in various Islam dominated locales all across the world like Iraq, Kuwait, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia etc. In the course of it he came face-to-face with many facets of Islamic domination and hazard. During this phase he also found out that most Muslims were taught from an early age that Islam is the religion which is pre-disposed towards ruling the world.

This is where he wishes to draw the line as he feels that by agreeing to Muslim suggestions that are groundless, and apologizing for actions that are nothing less than legitimate, Americans are simply exhibiting their weak nature.

9/11 to Global Jihad begins from here and Don’s abhorrence towards Islamic peril forms the basis of the book. The message that he wishes to send out through this fictional work is clear and precise

  • If America continues to tread on its faulty passageway of ‘political correctness’ by accepting Islamic demands and apologizing for justifiable actions, it is surely going to land up in some kind of catastrophic mess over time.
  • Not only America, all non-Islamic countries that show such ‘politically correct’ attitude towards Islam is destined to suffer also.
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In short, he wishes to ‘Wake up America’ from its mistaken notion that bowing down to radical extremism will yield any tolerant result.

Who will find the book interesting?

Readers who share Don Gould’s vision of waking up America from its willful slumber to take positive actions towards combating the growth and spread of Islam would find this book interesting.

Also people who believe that Christian/Judeo beliefs and principles form the basis of a strong and prosperous America would find 9/11 an interesting read.

Don’s goal through this book is to make Americans aware of the grandeur of their culture, tradition and nation, and make them ready to contest the spread of Islam in their country. Readers therefore can easily hear a warning bell ringing across the pages that aims to notify the masses what is impending otherwise.

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