Why Is Abstract Art So Misunderstood?

If you take a look at any kind of debate about art, you will see that there are two main groups of people when it comes to abstract art. There are those who either think that it is amazing, and those who don’t see the point in it at all. Some individuals can walk around galleries for hours seeing other pieces of art that they really appreciate, yet when they get to the point where they are viewing abstract art they simply cannot see why others think that it is so wonderful.

Abstract art is often down to interpretation, which is why it is misunderstood

Possibly, the main problem is the fact that abstract art is very much down to interpretation. You can be sure that, on the day a piece of art was created the artist in question put a great deal of emotion into it to ensure it captured the feelings of the time. However, this is incredibly personal, and unless you know what the artist was thinking you may not really understand what the piece of art was supposed to represent.

You can get an idea in your own head about what a particular piece of art work means to you. There is a chance that it would not be same as it was intended by the artist who made it, but this does not matter, as it is what the art makes you feel as an individual that is important.

Simplicity of modern art makes it impossible to understand sometimes

Another thing that tends to baffle people is the simplicity of some modern art. There have been cases where something as simple as a dot on a page has been sold for thousands at auction, and it leaves many people baffled because they are sure that they would be able to create something similar in just a few seconds. Indeed, there are a number of pieces that do look incredibly simplistic when viewed for the first time.

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Understand the thought process behind the work to appreciate it more

However, it is important to remember that it is not just the art that you need to consider. The result is simply a consequence of the path leading to it. Before that came a whole journey that the artist embarked upon, including deep thought, emotions, and a great emphasis on the context of the work. If you take the time to consider what may have been happening in the mind and life of the artist when the piece was originally composed, it may allow you to understand a little more of why abstract art is just as impressive as many other types that may simply be easier to interpret on canvas. It is as much about respect for the journey of the artist as it is about understanding the art.

When it comes down to it as art is about interpretation, there is only one person that can make the decision if a piece is art, and that is the buyer.

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