Working With An Electronic Cake Cutter

One of the most tedious parts of cake decorating is recreating the same design over and over again and trying to do everything the same size. You might do this by cutting out fondant shapes or by piping. The electronic cake cutter machine is a tool that can do the work for you with a variety of different mediums, i.e. modeling chocolate, icing sheets, fondant or gum paste. If you were to make a 3 tiered wedding cake with the same design repeated all around all 3 tiers, this machine would be your saving grace.

How It Works

Originally designed to be used with paper, the electronic cutting machine allows you to use different design cartridges. Those cartridges offer designs like flowers or fleur-de-lis, numbers, letters and other popular decorations.

They key to using the cutter with your medium is to have it rolled out to the same thickness throughout. If you were to use it with fondant, you would roll the fondant out thinly, to about 1/16 thickness, and feed the mat the fondant is rolled on into the machine. The machine then uses a needle in much the same fashion as a printer prints words to cut out the design you programmed in. When you remove the mat from the machine, you lift away the excess and carefully lift your design from the mat using a metal spatula.

You can also use the machine with icing sheets which require no rolling out. The icing sheets are the perfect thickness and give you the flexibility of cutting designs from sheets that have been pre-printed with various designs and patterns. For instance, if you were to use an icing sheet with a leopard pattern, you could cut the pattern into different designs to apply to various spots on the cake.

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Getting Used to Using It

Very sticky mediums won’t cut cleanly. Gum paste is best frozen first to ensure better performance. Using an electronic cutter that was designed specifically for cakes means the needle is designed differently than the one that was created for paper.

Follow the directions carefully and practice several times before using it for a cake. When you get the hang of it, the machine will be a pleasure to use and save you a lot of time.

The cake shown above was made by Kristy Kreations using a black icing sheet to cut a pre-programmed design. The cut-outs are then adhered to the cake with a small amount of piping gel. There are also other products on the market which can be used to attach the decorations to the cake such as Sassy Sap which is a syrup that allows you to stick the design on the cake, but move it for a period of time before drying. This is a great product because if you don’t like the placement of the design, you can easily move it without marking up the cake.

The electronic cake cutter, with some practice, can let anyone create a professional looking cake with the push of a button.

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