10 Rainy Day Activities To Do At Home With Your Kids

10 Rainy Day Activities to Do at Home

Rainy days are great for your grass but not for the kids and their boredom level. It’s easy to station them in front of the TV or put an iPad in their hands. But it’s better to get active! Here are 10 fun and free activities to do with your kids on those days when you can’t leave the house:

1. Make a fort. Bring out your inner kid. Get on your hands and knees and transform your living room into a pillow and blanket fort with your little ones. They will love seeing you help them construct an imaginary castle or far away land.

2. Break out that dusty old board game and play it the old fashioned way – without technology! Put away the iPad and pull out Candy Land.

3. Bake! Not only is it fun to get a little messy, but your kids will love the part when they get to chow down on some yummy treats.

4. Coloring. There are tons of websites have free color pages of your child’s favorite characters that you can print out. Or pull out a big sheet of brown packing or drawing paper and create your own doodles. Your kids will have no problem bringing the paper to life with crayons, markers, and their imagination.

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5. Charades. A game that never goes out of style. You will have a ball trying to figure out what your kids are pretending to be.

6. Dress up. This is particularly fun when you have lots of old clothes that you never wear. Break out that skirt from the 80s. Showcase the feather boa you bought on a whim. Once each of your kids are all dolled up, have a fashion show down the hallway.

7. Puzzles. Maybe don’t use the 500 piece, but put a smaller puzzle in front of their hands and help them piece it together.

8. Dance! Put on some of your favorite kid-friendly songs and have a sing-a-long dance party.

9. Have an indoor picnic. This is just as fun inside as it is outside on a beautiful day.

10. Make your own play dough. It’s super easy to do and you probably already have the ingredients.

Rainy days don’t always have to be boring. Use these simple ideas to get your kids up and active. You and your kids will grow to love rainy days!

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