3 Creative Moving Tips To Make Your Transition Easier With Moving & Storage Pods

Making the transition from one home to another is an exciting time. Not only will there be new neighborhoods to look forward to, but you will have the opportunity to redecorate and reorganize your life in a new home. But the process of packing up boxes and loading them into moving containers can feel daunting. Not only is there a large amount of manual lifting, but there is also a lot of organization and packing that must be done to make the move a success. If you have decided on do-it-yourself moving, this is even truer, as you will not have the help of a crew to lend a hand.

As you get started packing, here are three tips to make your move easier and more efficient.

  1. Pack your clothes in boxes around fragile items
    Your clothes work as a soft layer between breakable items. Because you will need to pack some of your clothes up anyway, why not put them to use for you? Instead of packing them in their own individual box, use your older clothing or seasonal pieces that you will not need right away when you reach your destination to cover and protect your breakables. This will make it so you use fewer supplies and are able to protect your belongings against breaking during the move.
  2. Keep some items in dresser drawers
    It is a myth that you must empty all of your clothing and items out of your dresser drawers. While you do not want your clothes hanging out of the drawers so they are difficult to close, you may want to keep some clothes in each drawer to keep them from opening as easily. This will also help you to free up some room in boxes and save you some time unpacking once you reach your destination.
  3. Make labels bright and easy to distinguish
    As you or the movers begin unloading your boxes from the portable moving containers, knowing where each item belongs or finding specific items you need will be extremely difficult without an organized labeling system. Using unique tape or marker colors to distinguish which box belongs in which room is one way to make it very easy to know exactly where a box should be taken once it is unloaded. Also, having a number system for each box within a moving pod makes it even easier to find specific items you may be looking for or need right away.
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As you transition to a new home, use these tips to make it easier to pack up your belongings and stay organized during the move. Once you reach your new house, you will be happy you had an easier approach to track boxes and protect your items.

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