3 Things To Keep In Mind When Making A Wedding Budget

So you are finally sitting down to plan your wedding budget. If you have never been involved with planning a wedding before, you are about to be in for a big shock. The figure that you had in mind can be completely disregarded as it is guaranteed to be nowhere near what you will end up spending. There are a number of reasons why a wedding budget could get out of hand and why you can end up overspending on your wedding. If you keep these ideas in mind, you may be one of the few people who have actually come up with a realistic figure and came in at or under budget.

1. Be Realistic

When you first begin your wedding plans, make sure that you are realistic. Otherwise, you will set your sights too high and budget too low. You will be disappointed and even maybe depressed when you look back at what you spent on your wedding. If wedding halls in your area run approximately $1K per night, do not set your budget at $500. This will cause you to settle on a hall that you don’t want and you will still end up paying more than your budget as you will only save a few hundred dollars from other halls. Have friends help you and call around asking for general pricing information. This will give you an idea of where to set your budget.

2. Start Early

One thing people who overspend on their wedding have in common is that they waited too long to start planning. You need to realize that most caterers and wedding halls are booked more than a year in advance. If you have less than a year before your wedding, it is suggested that you stop reading this article for a moment and get on the phone to start making appointments. The longer you wait, the fewer choices you will have. You will also find that the best of the choices that remain will tend to be a little more expensive than the others and definitely over your budget. Plan early if you want to save and stay within budget.

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3. Look For Deals

If you start early, you will find more deals than if you wait until the last minute. When shopping for a wedding dress, look for last year’s dress that is now on closeout or wait for this year’s dress to go on closeout the following Spring. You can also use cashback shopping as a way to get money back for purchasing your wedding supplies (reception hall supplies, shoes, honeymoon clothing, etc.) online. Ask for deals from the shop owners. If something is too expensive but you have to have it, simply ask if they would be willing to discount it for you. Tell them the truth that you are trying to save as much money as possible on your wedding and you will be amazed at how far it gets you.

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