4 Cournerstones Of Building A Kids Playhouse

As soon as our little ones turn 3 years old, they start establishing autonomy and develop a craving to be an independent individual.  They begin to discover  and explore their self identity. I’ll do it myselfattitude starts kicking off.

The kids want their own plate, their own space and sometimes their own house! The building instinct helps them to set up a little fort and claim it as their own adult-free property. As we know it’s all fun as long as it goes under our supervision.  So, why don’t we help our kids with the construction of the proper housing? Even if we get kicked out of it later.

The key elements of the house in the middle of our hous are the following: entertainment, safety, coziness, and last but not least sturdiness.

Entertainment Cournerstones

Basically, the playhouse is entertainment as it is. However, the kids will love it if you try to make it look a little bit more special. It might take shape of a carton fort, a teepee, a solid wooden abode, a brightly lit nook, a pallet house and so on. The ideas can vary endlessly! You can find plenty of design DIY projects and their implementations here.

The construction materials may include:

–       blankets

–       tables and chairs

–       carton boxes

–       reliable ropes, or string

–       colourful fabric

–       fairy lights or Ikea light stands

–       cushions

Leave the inside decoration to the kids. They would love to take care of the interior design part and move all their favourite toys, books and other clutter in their new nook! Another great thing about these houses, the kids toys won’t be scattered all around the room but concentrated in one place hidden from the eyes of the guests.


Keep in check that the playhouse doesn’t have any sharp corners or they are all protected by thick padding. The reason my uncle stopped building an âunder-the-table fort was half due to the fact that there was no more space for new bumps on his head anymore. Luckily they didn’t leave any marks. Though people do say he walks funny.

If the playhouse is set on the carpet, the kids will spend a lot of time on the floor. You should ensure that the carpets are 100% clean. The easiest and safest way is to call a professional team from time to time. They will leave your carpets healthy and safe to play on. Type in the keywords with your location like carpet cleaning in Essex, Surrey, London etc and find out the perfect service provider.

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Just like in a grown-up design the lights and cushions will make a perfect finish to the playhouse and give it a comfort feel.

Don’t worry about the size of the playhouse. In most cases the smaller is the better. Just like the Rabbit’s hole leading to the Wonderland. Leave the space concept to the kids’ imagination. As long as they can curl up in there and make it their special place, they’ll be delighted.

You can help to provide the ultimate comfort by preparing kids’ favourite snacks. What can be more fun for kids than having a little food party inside of their own hideout. And if it’s a fort, the provision is of even a bigger importance. The kids snacks ideas can be found here.


The playhouse should be easy to dissemble but not prone to easy damage.  It will be very disappointing to live in a Nif Nif’s house that you can blow at once. For you personally a shaky house might present a danger of interruption of those peaceful moments of your existence while your kids are happily playing away in their hideout. Save both of you the trouble and make sure the house is sturdy and motion proof.

Building up the playhouse together will be such an exciting time for the little ones and you’ll definitely have a lot of fun together bringing this DIY project to life. Aside from passing on the engineering experience and purely entertaining your kids, you’ll also spend the quality time with them fulfilling your role as a parent. That’s especially important if you are a busy working one. Your kids will surely appreciate the time spent together and this house will be one of the childhood memories that won’t fade.

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