4 Ways for Women to Improve the Midsection

At the top of every woman’s body wish list is a stronger core. Muscular abs and a flat midsection are two of the toughest orders to fill, however, especially if a woman has been pregnant. It is not impossible to achieve this fitness goal with some targeted goals though.

Here are just a few avenues women can take to a buffer, sexier midsection:

Practice Yoga. Cardiovascular exercise is important for losing weight, but anaerobic fitness is vital to muscle strength and conditioning. The practice of Yoga is an excellent way improve muscle tone, especially in the core area, and tap into the benefits of quiet meditation.

Put it in action: Attend a structured class or take advantage of the many instructional videos online that teach proper Yoga technique. You can also find programs that operate with gaming systems that give you feedback on how you are performing.

Eat more fiber. Simply reducing caloric intake will not lead to more sleek, toned abs. Instead, women should strive to eat foods that are rich in fiber. Some great examples include fruit, whole grains, beans, lentils, nuts, and vegetables. Some of these foods are also high in antioxidants and protein that help to promote healthy metabolism.

Put it in action: Before you go to bed each night, prepare several fiber-rich snacks for the next day. Keep them in a central location in the refrigerator or cupboard so you can grab them quickly when hunger strikes.

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Laser treatments. Many women scoff at the idea of having any cosmetic work done. Some of the reasons they shy away from these procedures include the perception that they are invasive, ineffective, or expensive. Emerging laser fat removal technology is proving these long-held misconceptions wrong, however. Laser body sculpting is not a form of surgery, but targets the fat in cells and flushes it out in a non-invasive way. More and more women are discovering the benefits of cold laser therapy for the midsection, thighs, arms, and other areas that fat likes to build up.

Put it in action: Research the many benefits of laser fat removal online and find testimonials of other women that have taken this step. Look up the information for a local cold laser therapy provider and go in for a consultation. Make an informed decision based on the information you collect.

Improve posture. Slouching causes tummy muscles to pooch. The way that a person walks, stands or sits can have a huge effect on the strength of her core. Excellent posture leads to better respiration, increased energy and less aches and pains from a poorly aligned body.

Put it in action: From a standing position, make sure your ears are exactly over your shoulders. Then check to ensure your shoulders are aligned over the knees. Now align your knees right over your ankles. Always keep your weight evenly distributed between the balls of your feet and the heels.

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