5 Aspects About Divorce Mediation

As the literal meaning of mediation suggests, it is an effort to bring peaceful settlement between people in dispute. Mediators are generally third parties who are not biased towards any of the sides. Their function is not to impose any judgment but to allow both the parties to speak out and sort out their differences. A divorce mediator also aims to bring about a peaceful resolution in a disturbed marriage so that a divorce can be avoided. Marriages are said to be made in heaven and every married couple tries the level best to avoid ending it. A mediator just asks questions to both the sides so that they open up freely and any misunderstanding or other problems can be resolved.

When Should Be Mediation Opted For?

Mediation is a good solution to opt when divorce is in question. This not only helps in saving the relationship from ending but sometimes it also helps in avoiding a lengthy and expensive legal processes. If both the people talk and come to a mutual agreement, even verbally, then process can be dealt better.

Mediation is not always an effort to rebuild a breaking marriage but it is also a route to making things clearer and consequently easier. This helps settle the financial aspects and give way to deciding the future of the children, if any. Mediation costs are much lesser than divorce proceedings and involve fewer complications.

The Proceedings after Mediation

It should be kept in mind that the mediators are not the representatives of any party for presenting a divorce petition. After the mediation process is complete, a divorce solicitor is appointed if divorce is the ultimate solution. There would be some court proceedings before the official stamp is put to quit the relationship.

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Some Advantages of Mediation

Other than the advantages discussed above mediation has many other aspects to it. Besides saving money and time, the regular attendance in courts are also avoided. It is known that a mediator is a third party who has no personal interests associated with the outcome. As they are not emotionally attached to the cases, they can help the parties see through the negatives and the positives, which the parties cannot. The entire mediation process is an anonymous affair and no public court process is carried out. There are no long drawn out litigations or court hearings, which can help people, avoid the emotional stress associated with a divorce process.

Help From Mediators

In order to smoothen out the entire divorce process, the help of an expert mediator should be taken who can bring out the most effective solution. Expert knowledge is very much required to deal with such kind of sensitive issues. Divorce solicitors can help with the after effects of mediation. A fixed price quote for the legal service is received and there is no cost involved until and unless a lawyer is consulted. The legal practitioners can carry out the divorce process smoothly after the mediation process is completed.

Informative Mediation-The New Thing

Informative mediation is something, which looks beyond the legal aspects also and looks after the emotional requirements of the clients as well. The clients may be worried about the parenting needs of the child and look for a parenting coordinator. Another emerging need is to find out about mental health therapists for coping with the emotional stresses associated with divorce. Divorce mediation under this category looks after these needs of the clients as well

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