5 Reasons It’s Better To Choose Public Schools Rather Than Private Schools

Remember what it was like when you were 18 and deciding whether to go to college or what major you wanted to focus on? Remember how it wasn’t always necessary to go to college? It’s true. Not that long ago a college degree wasn’t the necessity it is today. Today it’s virtually impossible to get into a career without a degree. There are even some companies requiring four-year degrees to be able to work as a mail clerk.

Now the question isn’t Do I need to go to college? it’s What’s the best option for me? Private or Public school? If you’re interested in saving money and your student is willing to stay home then keep reading. We’re going to explain the five reasons it’s better to go public over private.


This is the obvious one. Typically going to a public university will be extremely more affordable than a private university. Taxpayers help defray the cost for residents and students can often spend just one-quarter to one-tenth the cost of attending a similar private university. Now, if you live in Florida and your student wants to attend the University of Michigan, then you won’t realize the savings. You must reside in the same state in which the Public University is located.

Scheduling Flexibility

With more options for classes and courses, students find that they have much more flexibility in creating their schedule. This is ideal especially for students who are working through college or have a family (like the adult learner).

More Ways to Connect

This might seem like an unfair generalization, but the facts remain, public universities tend to be more diverse than their private counterparts. Partly due to less restrictive admissions requirements, this creates an environment where students can mingle and get to know people from all walks of life.

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Degree Options

State university systems have a multitude of degree options. This isn’t the case with many private universities. Usually, a private university will have a focus degree. Public universities on the other hand have virtually any degree you can want. The only drawback being that depending on what you want to study, you may have to go to a public school in a different part of the state.

Equal Education

This is one of those beliefs that keep going and going. It’s considered common knowledge that private school educations are superior to public school. This may be true for only a select handful of universities – think Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. In general, a private university and public university within a state are on equal footing education-wise. In many cases the public universities even have the upper hand due to better funding, and research possibilities. Take New Jersey for example – of all the business schools in the state, Rutgers was recently ranked number one there.

It always seems more prestigious to have a big name university on the diploma hanging on your wall. In reality though, the only real difference between that private college and a public college will be the price tag. When private universities are up to 10 times more expensive, the pride of that name will quickly wear off. Not to mention the exposure students get to a diverse student body, and the multitude of options available to them, makes choosing a public school the most logical choice for most students.

What plans are you making? Let us know what you think – public or private? We’d love to hear from you!

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