5 Unique Gift Ideas For New Dads

When it comes to purchasing gifts for new moms, most people don’t have a lot of trouble. Some choose to purchase gift items for the baby, such as adorable jumpsuits and fun toys. Others choose to purchase “new mom” items for the mom-to-be, such as baby books or magazines. Some even choose to spoil the mom by buying her fancy chocolates or a bottle of wine to enjoy after the baby is born. However, many people have a difficult time choosing the perfect gift for new dads. Fortunately, these five ideas are perfect for any dad-to-be.

Dad-Like Diaper Bag

Diaper bags from handbag designers or that are colored in feminine shades of pink might be a tad embarrassing for a new dad. So, consider treating the new dad in your life to a tough, masculine bag that is perfect for stashing diapers, baby wipes and other new dad essentials. Leather is a great choice, or you can opt for something that is gray, black or brown; skip the pastel colors, even if they do come in blue.

A New Digital Camera

It’s no secret that a lot of men enjoy playing with the newest and greatest electronics. Since the new dad in your life has a new subject for his photography, consider purchasing him a nice digital camera. He is sure to enjoy taking pictures of his new little one and the memories that the family builds together.

Sports-Related Baby Clothes

New moms often ooh and ahh over adorable outfits for their little ones, but a new dad is sure to be more impressed by onesies and other baby apparel that is related to his favorite sports team. Other good ideas include outfits that are similar to things that the dad would wear or that are made by his favorite clothing brands.

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Sporting Goods for the Little One

One adorable idea is to purchase the new dad a few golf clubs along with a set of tiny toy golf clubs for the baby. There are plenty of other options that will be equally well-received, and it will allow the new dad to share his favorite hobbies with his new little one.

Pictures for His Desk

New dads often love showing off their little ones to their coworkers and the other people in their lives. Print out a few nice pictures of the new little one and the family together, and purchase nice frames. You can opt for inexpensive frames if you are on a tight budget, and you can guarantee that the gift will still be well-received. If you are looking to spend a little more, you can always invest in a digital picture frame that will allow the new dad to enjoy a slideshow of his favorite pictures of his baby and his family.

These are only a few options for great gifts for new dads, and a little imagination can help you come up with other options that are custom-tailored for the new dad in your life.

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