5 Ways You Can Care For Your Parents In Their Old Age

Growing up, they always kept you safe and healthy. They taught you how the world works, provided for you, and nurtured you through the important years of your life. While they were the ones to protect you when you were young, it later becomes your responsibility to care for them once they’re old. While the challenge of caring for your parents in their twilight years may seem daunting, here are five ways you can start:

Attend to their Social Life

Just because your parents are in their 70’s or 80’s doesn’t mean they can’t have a meaningful social life.  Spending time with others their age can engender a sense of community, empathy, and understanding for the experiences they are dealing with.  If your parents aren’t living in some type of seniors’ community, offer to take them to events in the area that cater to people in their age bracket.

Help them with Money

Pride can stand in the way of your parents asking for the help they need in order to take care of themselves; finances are where this is the most evident.  If your parents are stubborn about accepting money from you, try getting creative.  Run trips to the grocery store for them, and pay for the purchase.  Take them out to eat.  Check to make sure their essential bills are being covered, and if all else fails, insist on paying.

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Make time for Grandchildren

Nothing makes a grandparent light up like spending time with their grandchildren.  They offer a unique familial connection that their own children can’t parallel.  Grand kids are young, vibrant, and full of potential.  Make time to visit with your children, and watch as your parents’ faces light up.

Check on their Health

Whether your parents are bed-ridden with a urinary catheter or going for runs in the morning, it is vital that you keep tabs on their health.  New developments in science that they may not be aware of, refusal to attend medical appointments, and a decline in their memory are several reasons why it falls on you to help them stay healthy.

Go for a Walk

Walking is a wonderful activity for senior citizens.  It provides them an opportunity to exercise, get fresh air and take in the scenery, and socialize.  Make a point to take your parents for a walk every time you visit, provided they are able.

These are just a few tips for caring for your parents as they age.  Consult with a doctor for specifics regarding their condition.  The most important thing you can do is make time for them and let them know you care.

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