A Close-up On Static Surveillance Carried Out By A Private Detective

What is it?

There are a variety of different kinds of surveillance which makes it adaptable to the requirements of any case. Static surveillance is carried out as the name suggests, it usually involves a single operative set up in a single location who will be responsible for recording the area and the individuals that appear and interact within it. We have different cameras available to us depending on your requirements but will always be able to provide a report of video or photographic evidence of the findings of the case.

How Could it Benefit You?

Surveillance is a great way of finding out all the things that you need to know without the danger of implicating yourself in an investigation. Static surveillance can be used for a whole host of different cases and situations and is a versatile method of investigation that we have available to us and are highly experienced in. Depending on the nature of your case, it can be used alone or in conjunction a variety of other types of investigation and surveillance to ensure that you receive all the information you need on the people you want us to investigate.

People Surveillance Has Helped

Unfortunately our investigations all too often are based in the home or on the actions of a partner or other family member.

A client was concerned that his wife was having an affair though he did not know with whom. He had had his suspicions for some time but had recently noticed more changes in his behaviour that had led him to have concerns. He asked that surveillance be set up outside his home to monitor the activities of his wife while he was out at work. This was done and it soon became clear that his suspicions were correct as a neighbour repeatedly visited and became intimate with his wife.

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A woman was hopeful of finding the father who abandoned her as a very young child. After running a series of background checks using the little information she possessed, a possible individual was found but the woman wanted to be sure of his identity and character before attempting to make contact with him. Surveillance was set up on the address he was registered at and presented the footage of the individual to the client who felt reassured by his lifestyle and appearance and proceeded to make contact with him.

It is not just in the home that investigations may need to be carried out. Businesses are a hotbed of lying and stealing that need the attention of a private detective

This business owner had suspicions that an employee who had been receiving sick pay for the past six months for back problems was not being honest about his health. After being tipped off by a colleague he asked for an investigation into the employee. Surveillance was set up on the individual and witnessed him participating in activities like DIY and running, which he had declared to be unable to do. Following the investigation the man was able to take proper action against the individual.

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