A Closer Look At Surveillance

What is it?

Surveillance is the monitoring of the behaviour and activities of an individual or a selected group and can be very useful in identifying changes like those in habits or behaviour. Most often, surveillance is done using cameras though it can vary from case to case. Our operative team are highly specialised in the field and offer a service based on discretion and reassurance.  Throughout an investigation the evidence gathered is collected and condensed into a more understandable report that allows you to make your own conclusions and an informed decision.


There are several different types of surveillance and we use all in our investigations depending on the requirements of a case and each has its own merits and strengths.

-Static surveillance usually only involves a single operative who will be established in a set location and record what happens during the session using digital technology. It is a useful method of investigation in cases where you wish to learn more about the identity or habits of an individual and allows you to monitor their behaviour in a set environment.

-Mobile surveillance is as the name suggests and is most often carried out by a small team of operatives who follow an individual for a set period of time and record their movements and actions. This method of investigation often proves most useful in cases where infidelity is suspected in the client’s partner or spouse and provides a very flexible approach to a case.

-Covert surveillance is one of the most practical applications of surveillance technology and often achieves results efficiently and decisively. This method of investigation involves installing a system of hidden cameras within a designated area of your choice which allows us to monitor the activities of individuals within your home or another defined area such as an office building, without the knowledge of the individuals being surveyed. This can be really useful if you suspect employees of failing to do their work to the expected standard or want to make sure that only the right people are in your home.

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-GPS Tracking is an alternative method of surveillance that can often be used to find a starting point for an investigation. Operatives attach a discreet tracking device to the underneath of the selected vehicle from which the destinations and journeys of the vehicle can be recorded using satellite technology.

How It Could Help You

Surveillance is a very versatile method of investigation that we have had many years expertise in which means that it can be applied to any case. Whether it is in a personal or a professional capacity that you require our services, surveillance could help you find out the truth with discretion and confidence. From disruptive or lazy employees to an unfaithful spouse, our operatives can install surveillance equipment to monitor any area or individuals of your choice and obtain instant results to put your mind at ease. Another key point about using surveillance is that any evidence obtained can be used in legal proceedings if they should become necessary.

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