A Gift That Lasts The Whole Year

Whether you are a bit behind on the Valentine’s Day front or you are planning for up and coming events such as Mother’s day or a loved one’s birthday, why not get that special someone a year full of wonderful gifts? Lots of people are cynical of days such as Valentine’s or Mother’s Day purely because you should show your appreciation for these people all of the time and not just when society dictates, but with a gift that lasts all year you can do just that.

The good news is that this style of gift giving can be adapted to suit the amount you want to spend and the person you are buying the gifts for. Not only will this idea be appreciated by the recipient as it shows thoughtfulness, you can also make the occasion last longer and really get yourself in the good books. Here are a few ways you can give the gift of a years’ worth of presents.

A Mini Adventure
Many people might think to plan a trip for their loved one but have you ever thought of planning lots of little ones to spread throughout the year? These don’t have to be expensive destinations but thoughtful places that you know you’re loved one will like to visit. For example, you could plan a visit to the beach for the summer with ice cream and chips paid for by you and then in the winter you could organise a spa visit.

These mini adventures could be purchased in advance or closer to the time to spread the cost. Print off the confirmation emails or write a description on a piece of paper and then put each one in an envelope marked with a different month. Then you can share in your loved one’s excitement as they open one every month.

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A Gift Card Is Not Always A Bad Idea
Although it is true that a gift card probably doesn’t show you have put the biggest amount of effort into a gift, more than one gift card could prove just the opposite. Continuing the idea of providing your loved one with a year full of gifts, a nice idea is to buy twelve gift cards and again instruct them to be opened every month. Be sure to pick gift cards for places that you know the person will really enjoy and also try and vary the type of card.

For example, some of the gift cards could be for high street shops, some could be for some of their favourite restaurants and others could be for ITunes or other online retailers. This definitely shows more thought than just one generic gift card.

A Year Of Nights In
If your loved one is anything like me then they will enjoy a night in on the sofa just as much as they do a wild night out on the town, and you could be the one to provide a year’s worth of these. The typical night in usually includes a DVD, some nibbles and a nice glass of wine or something similar, so why not stock up for the whole year? You can either choose twelve of your loved ones favourite films and buy them on DVD or give them a year’s subscription on a streaming site instead.

You can then include different types of nibbles and some bottles of wine or champagne and then plan your nights in at regular intervals throughout the year. Like the other presents above, these can be presented in a thoughtfully prepared gift basket which will be cherished by the recipient. The gifts will last a year but the memories you make will live on long after.

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