A Guide To Child Safety At School

When the time comes for your child to start school it can feel a bit like you have lost some control over their life and that you cannot look out for them in the same way that you used to, but that is not true. If you continue to make their safety of paramount importance and teach them how to look after themselves when they’re at school and aren’t in your company, then you can have as much of an impact as you always have.

A lot of the responsibility for a child’s safety when they are at school falls on the teachers but you can also have an influence in this area too. So what are some of the key safety lessons that you can teach your child to keep them safe during school time?

Travelling To And From School

When your child gets to a certain age they are likely to want independence in the form of walking to and from school with their friends instead of with you. This can be a tough time because not only do you have to face the fact that your child has grown out of you walking them to school; you now have the added worry of their safety on the way.

In these situations be sure to walk your preferred route with your child and highlight the fact that this is the way they should always go. Also you should still be ready to take them or pick them up should their friend(s) not be able to walk with them for whatever reason as you wouldn’t want them to travel alone.

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Play Time

Play time can be difficult for teachers at school because of the fact that there are a lot of kids for them to keep their eye one. There should however always be a suitable teacher to children ratio so that no one goes unwatched. You may want to check that if there is a play park at your child’s school that it has the relevant safety features such as rubber safety tiles that will break any child’s fall.

Rubber safety tiles are specifically made to prevent accidents and the presence of these will tell you how seriously the school takes child safety. Teaching your child about the importance of safety mats like this will aid their safety at school and when playing on any other play park they may encounter.

Classroom Safety

Many of the basic things we learn about safety such as not to run with scissors or lean back on a chair come from our time at school and although the teacher will be reinforcing these rules it is a good idea to outline them yourself too. Children often feel that they can get away with things at home that they wouldn’t be able to do at school, but it’s important to make them realise that safety precautions like this are universal.

This can extend to virtual as well as physical safety as computers are used more and more these days in our schools. The ones at school will no doubt have the right safety features installed so you need to insure your one at home does too

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