A Lost Tooth Can Mean Lost Love Too!

Keeping our teeth in good condition is something that we all know is a good thing to do. Because of the very slow nature of tooth decay though, we often forget about this on a day to day basis and perhaps don’t look after our teeth as well as we could do.

 When we are told then, that we need to have a tooth extracted, it can come as a great surprise to us and we are then faced with the consequences of the after effect. For a rear tooth, we are perhaps not as concerned as we should be because it is less visible. The rear teeth though are very important for mastication and reducing their capacity to chw may lead to a change in our diet and potential lack of nutrition.

Looking for Love

It is losing a visible front tooth, though which tends to strike fear in our hearts. There is little doubt that a lost tooth is going to be noticed by people around us and may also affect our speech, possibly causing us to lisp. For people who are already ‘settled’ with a strong circle of family and friends, this may not be as significant, but for those who are still single and looking for love, losing a front tooth will come as a big blow.

 There is no doubt that a great smile is one of the things which attracts us to a person. We can’t gauge a person’s personality the moment that we meet them as this takes time, however, a great smile is a pretty good indicator that they are warm and have a good sense of humour.

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 Some people with a strong character may be able to laugh off their missing tooth and get away with it but for most of us, it will probably make us reluctant to engage in social gatherings and condemn us to a life lived alone.

Dental Implants

 Once the tooth has been lost though, there are a number of options to replace it; the main ones being a denture and a dental implant.

 Dentures have been used for many years, but for most people, there is the great fear of it becoming loose at the wrong moment. Because of this, a lot of people are turning to dental implants.

 Dental implants are fitted by placing a titanium screw into the jawbone which then slowly builds around it and holds it firmly in place. This in effect, acts like the root of a tooth. Once this has happened, a crown is then fitted on top, leaving a natural looking and strong tooth.

Although dental implants are not cheap, they are an excellent way of replacing a lost tooth and giving you back the smile and confidence to find your partner in life.

Keith Walker is a relationship advisor and often focuses on on factors which people don’t even think about. An example of this was when an otherwse attractive man came to him concerned about the lack of love in his life. After pointing out that he could appear cold to the opposite sex as he didn’t smile, the client promptly sorted out his teeth at his local dentist in Derby and within months had found the girl of his dreams.

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