A New Route to the Perfect Romance

If you are looking for love and anxious to impress the target of your desires you have probably considered employing most of the usual tactics in order to induce romantic feelings. Most people will either shower the object of their affections with attention and gifts or play hard to get in the hope of piquing their interest but as it turns out both modus operandi could be completely the wrong way to go.

Human Psychology

I am not in any way an expert when it comes to the inner workings of the human mind but recently, in researching the subjects of flirting and forming relationships, I discovered some really fascinating facts about what influences human behaviour when it comes to romance. It would appear that research studies have revealed that playing hard to get is actually a turn off and is a tactic which should definitely be avoided as is making it clear that you are interested in everybody. What actually attracts most people is someone who is popular and in demand but who has chosen them as the focus of their attention and who devotes time and effort to building a bond.

One experiment took place via social networking and featured several episodes where three women were told to respond differently to the approaches of the men in the experiment. One woman was instructed to respond favourably to all approaches, one to be reserved with every man and one to act indifferently to all of the men except one. The men could see all of the responses of each woman and were then asked to rate how attractive each woman seemed to them. In almost every instance the woman who focussed her attention on one man only was chosen as the most appealing by the men whether she had focussed on them or not.

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Fear Factor

I was even more interested to find out that experiences which illicit extreme emotional responses such as fear actually make the person with you seem more attractive! Apparently the heightened state of awareness induced by fear confuses the brain into producing romantic feelings. It strikes me in the light of this information that the perfect date would therefore take place at a theme park and that forcing your terrified prospective partner to ride the latest high speed, high altitude roller coaster could result in imminent marriage as you will clearly appear to be the most attractive possible mate for miles around. I think I get the psychology here but it does seem possible that such a tactic could also result in your romantic interest thinking you are a psycho and running a mile!

Plan of Attack

If the experts are to be believed you should forget the flowers, the chocolates and the grandiose gifts like that lovely Tissot watch he really wanted. All you actually need to do to find a love for life is make yourself appear incredibly popular, throw some attention in the direction of your chosen one and then sit next to them whilst they are propelled at high speed around a metal track. Shouldn’t be too difficult should it?

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