A Romantic Valentine’s Night In – What Should You Bring?

Whether you’re planning your first Valentine’s night with that special someone or you’re a long established couple having a romantic night in, not going out can be a more personal and intimate way of spending Valentine’s Day.

So what will you need for the ultimate night in? Whatever your budget, you can create a really romantic evening with just a few of the following items:

Whether you invest in some church candles, tealights, scented or unscented, make sure you get a lot of candles to fill up your living room. Candles can really help set the mood, and if you opt for scented candles make sure they have a nice neutral smell like vanilla.

Food and Drink
Getting some fancy nibbles and posh wine will probably be at the top of your list, and to take the effort out of choosing everything from the supermarket, consider buying a hamper for you and your loved one to share. There are plenty of Valentine’s hampers to choose from, including wine and cheese combos, champagne and chocolate, or a variety basket. You can have a picnic in your lounge for the ultimate romantic night in!

A good film
Snuggling up together under a blanket and watching a romantic film is one of the best ways to spend Valentine’s Day. It is best to bring a few options to decide from, try films like The Notebook, Titanic, Romeo and Juliet – all notoriously slushy films to watch.

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A Take-away
Spend more time with each other instead of cooking and pick up a nice gourmet take-away to share.  Gourmet take-aways are becoming more and more popular and so you should be able to find one in your area.

Background music
Whether you like Frank Sinatra, or Michael Buble, or want to go for the classic Barry White, having some good background music on is the ultimate mood maker. Make an online playlist in advance to ensure that no random songs pop up.

If you do opt for a hamper, there’s nothing wrong with bringing along some extra chocolate. Go for the classic heart-shaped box, or simply pick up a selection tray and your partner will surely be yours forever.

A Valentine’s card
Finally, don’t forget to bring your special date a card  there’s nothing worse than receiving one and not having one to give back! Be sure to plan the card in advance too, you don’t want to have to pick out from what they have at the supermarket.

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