A Special Celebration With a Difference

Looking for new ideas for a special celebration that’s on the horizon? Instead of a big party, what about a few days with special friends and family?

Special celebration

With a special birthday or anniversary coming up, or maybe being about to retire and wanting a celebration with a difference, what about arranging a few days away? Do you want an active holiday, walking and swimming, hiring bikes, learning how to rock climb? Or a few days lounging round a pool, reading and catching the sun? It’s possible to find rental properties for large numbers, which would give flexibility, enabling the active ones to be off doing whatever they want to do and the ones who are relaxing to stay close to home and relax, with everyone getting together in the evening. If it’s a more formal break that you want, everyone could stay together in a smart hotel.

A spot of luxury with a difference

For something very different, that will be talked about for a long time, what about camping? Not how it was when you were in the Brownies or Cubs. Up-to-date, modern, luxury camping with stylish tents. Boutique camping or glamping. This is camping with style. Luxury tents, with excellent facilities. Forget the roll mats, sleep on airbeds. Put rugs down for more luxury. Sit on a footstool at the entrance to the tent and watch the sun rise. Outside, find somewhere to hang a hammock. Maybe two, if there are a lot of you. Put windbreaks out to keep your party more private. There’s no need for torches to read by at night, when there are pretty lanterns to provide light. Fairy lights strung outside between tents will make for a lovely evening atmosphere. If it gets cold, a wood burning stove will give some warmth. Cook over a fire pit. This isn’t camping as we knew it; this is outdoor living with style.

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There’s still the same opportunity for going off and exploring, or staying by the camp, propped on a stack of cushions reading or talking. But then, when everyone is gathered back in the evening and the stars are out, the sounds and smells of the evening, all set under the night sky will give real atmosphere to the party.

How will you celebrate your next special event? Will it be something tried and tested that has always been lovely, or are you going to go for something that bit different?

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