Baby On Board – Weddings Abroad With A Newborn

Baby On Board – Weddings Abroad With A Newborn

Weddings can be daunting to organise especially a wedding abroad. If you know you will be travelling with a newborn, this can make the occasion even more of a challenge. When travelling with a young family, extra items on the itinerary need to be taken into account as soon as you start planning an excursion. With some extra planning, the big day for you or for a guest travelling to your wedding with a baby will run a lot more smoothly.

When flying with a baby, according to the NHS, it is best to wait until the baby is over two weeks old. Whilst onboard, young children under six months must be on the lap of an adult and securely fastened with an extension seatbelt. However, if you cannot wait, babies delivered healthy at full term and without complications can fly between two and seven days, as long as you have a letter from your doctor confirming that this is safe. Some airlines however require the threshold to be at two weeks. New mothers also need to wait between two to ten days to fly depending on the birth those that had a Caesarean birth must wait at least ten days. To avoid waiting around in the airport for too long, plan out when you need to be there and look for smooth connection times.

Whilst in the air, a baby cannot equalise their ears so a good tip is to breast feed or bottle feed whilst on takeoff as well as and landing as sucking and swallowing will help to stop their ears from hurting.

Before flying to your wedding destination, it is good preparation to ask your travel agent or wedding planner about how child friendly the destination is. Bride Heaven wedding site can offer you more information on choice of destinations and other wedding information. You could maybe opt for an all inclusive family friendly holiday to offer added convenience and assurance. You can also check government websites and local news of the area to find out about political issues for example which may affect your stay.

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If you are going to a place with health concerns such as tropical diseases remember to not be too adventurous as your baby’s immune system will be too immature for tropical disease vaccinations if he or she is under two years of age. Stay in relatively built up areas where you can have access to health care and other amenities if you need them. If you are taking medicine with you, remember to pack it in translucent, labelled containers and check prior to the trip if it is legal when entering the country via their government website.

Be prepared to take documents with you that prove you are the legal parent/parents or guardian of your baby and to have a passport for your newborn. All passports should have at least six months validity as this is a requirement in some countries so if your holiday has been booked well in advance, check that the dates match up.

Check with the hotel you are staying with what they provide for babies to save you packing everything and really look up what the hotel is like. It might be better for you to be surrounded by other tourists if there will be a language barrier to ask for help.

And finally, remember to swap the baby duties. It is a wedding, so there will be plenty of people to keep an eye on the little one. Enjoy your baby being with you on such a special occasion and remember to pack your baby a sun hat and plenty of sun cream!

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