Best Of British For The Family And Its FREE!!

Everything seems to be about money, a day out with a young family can be costly and just entrance and lunch can end up costing an arm and a leg. With the summer holidays fast approaching there is an answer.

The Science Museum

This is got to be a favourite entry is free and there is so much available to entertain the children and it does not have to break the bank. Pack lunches are always a good thing to have on board so that you can have the odd treat when inside. Enjoy the awe on your children’s face as they visit this magically place of science. With interactive displays, exhibitions and brain boggling facts that favourite word I’m bored will not make an appearance.

The British Museum

Add some culture and variety to your day and amaze the kids with the humongous dinosaurs on display at this wonderful place, check out the fossils and animals including the extinct dodo bird. If you are worrying about the cost then you will be pleased to know that entry is free.

Regents Park Get out your Frisbee and scatch and enjoy the great British weather, why not pack a picnic and spend a day out doors. There are wild birds around the park and many species all can be admired at no cost. This 100 acre green space close to London Zoo is just what the kids needs to burn off all that energy. There is also boat rowing within the park for a charge if you fancy giving your arms a workout.

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Covent Garden

This little magnificent hub where there are street entertainers to keep you all amused.  Those metallic statues that burst into life when you least expect, singers, jugglers and the unexpected, each performer equally enthusiastic to show their talent.   There are two markets to walk around too the Jubilee and East Colonnade Market filled with stalls and the arts and antique Apple Market

Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace

This is a memorable experience for all to appreciate during the warmer months, a visit to the perimeter of the Royal palace and you can enjoy the changing of the guards. These wonderful guards are all dressed in red uniform and put on a display as they change shifts. With horses on show and full view of the palace it is a must do for a family day out.

Trafalgar Square

Enjoy the scenic square remembered most for the pigeons but a beautiful place to visit with the family. Sit on the Lion sculptures and enjoy the fountains and open space and check out the smallest police box. Parliament Square, Big Ben and the House of Commons are all close by so you can also catch a big of sight seeing. Sometimes keeping the children entertained and looking after the family purse can be a challenge. This is why I have been working in the travel sector for several years focussing on short family breaks in the UK that are affordable for the modern family and budget.

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