Best Places For Retirement in Australia

Retirement has finally arrived;and has brought with it the tranquility we only dream of. After all those years of constant hustling, we now want to find our little piece of heaven. There are so many places to make our home during the years of retirement, which make finding the right place just daunting.

Before I state the places that take the prize when it comes to the best places to inhabit when retired, let us first run through some of the most surprising losers in this poll. The purpose of mentioning the communities that did not make the cut is not to talk down on them, but rather highlight the quality of the places that did make the list. Some of the places that were eliminated include: Victoria’s Mornington, Peninsula, Queenscliff and Bass Coast.

So what places did make the cut? These being the places that should be considered of course.The Winners in NSW

Hunter Valley

Jill and Owen Weeks, the creative minds behind Where to Retire in Australia described Hunter Valley as “the lifestyle valley of NSW, a paradise for lovers of gourmet food and wine.” Another couple, John and Christine Henderson, live happily in a 1892 mansion they purchased for half of what they paid for a standard home in Linfield (Sydney). The Henderson’s love it and swear that everyone is very friendly. In the smaller towns the homes range from 250,000 to 350,000 to the rising median that goes above 500,000 in Newcastle. Hunter Valley is expected to out-do the remaining regions of Australia in the coming 10 years.

The Southern Highlands

Median prices for residential real estate range from 300,000 to more than 600,000 depending on the acres and proximity to Sydney. Milton, Narooma and Merimbula are already showing growth among the Baby Boomer population.


Sunshine Coast

If you do not prefer the solitude then one place to look at is the Sunshine Coast, which has homes that range from 500,000 to $2 million dollars. These homes are pretty close to the Peregian Beaches.

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A beautiful place that offers a summer without humidity and sits only two hours away from the gold and Sunshine Coasts. The homes here can range from $2 million all the way down to 350,000. The city only houses about 100,000 people.

South Australia

Adelaide Hills

Home to some of the best vineyards in Australian and excellent golf courses. The homes here can go up to 351,000.

McLaren Vale

Homes here go up to 362,000 and is becoming one of the best places to live when it comes to a long-term stay, because the future of this paradise on Earth is looking pretty positive.


Huon Valley

Residents of this community call this place, picture-like and the perfect place to live and step back from city life. The median price for a home is 348,000 and if the prices aren’t enough to entice you, then let us tell you about another great addition to this community: Seafood and the Pinot noir.


Gippsland Lakes

The homes range between 250,000 and above 400,000. Such a great location for the adventurous because there is water/snow skiing, boating and hiking opportunities available.


The little town of Echuca took the prize and was actually called:”The best place to retire.” The homes range all the way up to 266,000. It is pretty close to Murray and Campaspe rivers as well.

Western Australia

Margaret River Region

On the artistic side there came the Margaret River region, which is famous for its art galleries and gourmet lifestyle. The median home prices start at 435,000 but it is home to over 9,000 people and has over 500,000 visitors per year.

With these plethora of choices you are sure to find a place that will fit your taste. When you consider all the factors and make your decision, the next step is finding reliable movers and then you can start the adventure.

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