Beyond The Frame- Five Items To Consider For Father’s Day Photo Gifts

It is never too early to start thinking about the perfect gift for Father’s Day. The gifts that often say the most are the ones that come from the heart. Sentimental gifts always win big with dad. Sons and daughters can schedule a Father’s Day photography session with a studio in order to give their dad a special gift that he will remember. They can pose for photographs for dad and then figure out just how they want to present their picture. Studios now allow the customer to go beyond the frame and place their photo on any number of gift items. Here are a few photo gift ideas for different types of dads.

1. For the tech-savvy dad, have your photo printed on an iPhone cover or iPad case.

If your dad is dialed in, you can have your photo printed on an iPhone case or an iPad cover. This gift is not your typical picture in a frame. Dad can have a sentimental moment and remember his Father’s Day gift fondly every time he uses his phone or tablet.

2. For the coffee and tea-drinking dad, place your picture on a mug or coaster.

Another way to present a photograph to Dad for the big day is to have your photograph printed on a mug or on a coaster. This makes for a great gift for the dad who loves his morning coffee or tea. Mugs and coasters make for good household items that he will see every morning before he heads off to work.

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3. For the artistic dad, print your photo on a material other than paper.

Many picture studios are happy to print your photographs, and not just on basic paper. Some offer the option to have your picture printed in a slate portrait display or even on an acrylic block. If your father has an artistic eye, he will appreciate these unusual mediums.

4. For the holiday-obsessed dad, have ornaments made with your picture on them.

Some photo studios also have the option of printing your photos on an ornament. Not only does this make for a good gift idea for the father who loves the holidays, but it is also a nice way to remember those ages that seem to fly by with each season. Many studios offer options for ornaments where the photograph can be printed on any number of seasonal shapes, from a wreath to a snowflake.

5. For the traditional dad, go with a custom-framed photograph.

While there are any number of items that a son or daughter can place their photograph on for dad, the traditionalist won’t turn down a custom-framed snapshot. Fathers who like those classic items for the home or office will appreciate the simplicity of just a photo in a special frame.

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