Buying The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

How often do you get to tell your mother how much you love her and appreciate everything that she’s done for you over the years? Let’s face it, for most people the answer is not often enough.

Mother’s day gives us the perfect opportunity to show some love and appreciation. I think about it as a yearly wake up call that reminds me to give something back to the person that has given me so much in life.

I invest a lot of time and effort in planning my mother’s day gift, and being a professional jeweler for many years, have also had the pleasure of assisting other people with choosing theirs.

Here are some ideas for a perfect mother’s day gift.

Monogram & Name Necklaces

I think a lot of people don’t realize what a terrific mother’s day gift monogram and name necklaces can make.

A monogram is traditionally a necklace that uses a person’s initials to form a graphic symbol, with the last name initial enlarged and placed at center position. However, you can create a great mother’s day gift by using the monogram in a different way. Use the last name initial in the standard way, but to the left and to the right place the first name initials for yourself and your mother. This way, you create a charming and personal necklace that any mother will be delighted to receive. You can create two matching necklaces for both of you to wear; this will give your gift an even more sentimental effect.

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Name necklaces can also serve as a great gift and you can create matching ones for yourself and your mom, with each one of you wearing the other’s name.

A Perfect Day for the Perfect Mother

A lot of mothers will prefer to have a fun day with their children more than any other gift. This is best done as a joint effort, with the entire family doing whatever it takes to create the perfect day for the lady of the house.

Start with a family breakfast in which each family member will read something personal that he wrote. Continue by taking your mom out to indulge in her favorite occupations, go to the movies or to do some fun shopping together and then eat lunch together in a nice restaurant.

You can combine this fun family day together with creating and presenting your mother with a printed family photo book, celebrating your family history and her special role in it.

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