Cheap Easter Gift Ideas

Easter is just around the corner, and that means that it is time to begin getting ready to celebrate this exciting holiday. Every Easter, children and adults celebrate by decorating eggs, enjoying a visit from the Easter bunny and by participating in an Easter egg hunt. Although all of these activities are great ways to enjoy Easter traditions, including a few extra gifts can help to generate even more beautiful memories of this special day. To get you started, here are a few kid-friendly and inexpensive ideas for adorable Easter gifts that everyone will love.

Make Marshmallow Chicks

Edible gifts are always a treat for children and adults. Use marshmallows to make baby chicks that can then be placed in an Easter basket that has been lined with green tissue paper cut into strips for grass. Then, add jellybean eggs to complete this festive basket. To really spruce up this fun gift, add some chocolate eggs, and watch the smiles as everyone enjoys their present.

Wearable Bunny Ear Hats

As everyone enjoys their Easter egg hunt, increase the excitement by offering each persona bunny ear hats to wear. These fun hats can be found in dollar bins at local stores, or they can be made using some paper and tape. To make a bunny ear hat, simply cut a strip of paper to use as a headband. Then, add two ears that can be colored to create a personalized hat. Encourage everyone to wear their ears and hop along as they hunt for their eggs.

Fill Baskets with Toys

One drawback of Easter is the amount of sugar that everyone consumes as they hunt for candy-filled eggs. If you are worried about the children eating too many sweets, then create a toy-themed basket that is filled with an assortment of toys and games. Many inexpensive toys can be found in dollar stores, such as toy cars and jump ropes that will be met with happy cheers from every child.

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Decorated Cookies

For personalized yet cheap Easter gifts, try mixing up a batch of sugar cookie dough. Then, use Easter-themed cookie cutters to create fun cookies in bunny, egg and chicken shapes. After the cookies have been baked, enjoy decorating each one with pastel-tinted icing. The cookies can then be placed in a decorative basket or placed together in a bouquet.

Jellybean Jewelry

An Easter celebration is not complete until every child has been decorated in fun and exciting Easter jewelry. For an inexpensive twist on this popular Easter gift, try stringing together jellybeans into necklaces and bracelets. Present each guest at your Easter celebration with one of these unique and colorful pieces of jewelry, and make up a fun story about how the Easter bunny welcomes his friends with jellybean leis when they come to visit his home.

Easter Art Supplies

For a cheap Easter present that can also double as a party activity, provide each guest with some art supplies that are centered upon an Easter theme. Coloring books, pastel paper and crayons are all inexpensive items to find at many local stores. Printable coloring sheets can also be found online that can be used in place of coloring books. Add some glue and glitter and enjoy discovering just what everyone can create.

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