Children Wet Weather Essentials

Some of the essential things you’ll need to let your toddler have free rein during wet weather.

If you’ve got a toddler you’ll know how easy it is for them to end up wet and grubby after a visit to the park or a trip to the shops. However if you have the right clothing and are prepared for the mess you’ll stay one step ahead of them making your life a little bit easier.

Kids love playing outside, and it doesn’t matter if it’s sunny, rainy or snowing – they love to have fun. But making sure your little one is fully equipped can make the difference between having to take three changes of clothes with you when you go out and instead just removing their outer-wear when they come back inside.

Toddler clothing essentials

Waterproof boots or willies

Every child will own a pair of willies at some point but you don’t have to be content with this basic waterproof boot. There are now a wide range of waterproof shoes and boots which each provide a certain level of protection from the elements. Insulated snow boots provide protection from the cold while giving good waterproof protection. They are available in a wide range of colours and designs and are even manufactured by top brands such as Merrell and Sorel.

Waterproof clothing

From simple pac-a-macs to full waterproof bodysuits, every child needs protection from the wind and rain. Many toddler waterproof suits come in all-in-one types and are simple to put on over warm winter clothes. As your child gets older you’ll normally find a transition to two-piece outfits with waterproof coats fleece lined and available in a wide range of designs. From the age of five it’s possible to get really trendy ski jackets and ski pants as well as a wide array of thermal layering clothing suitable for ski holidays as well as a winter’s day in the UK.

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It’s only at the age of about three that children start to put their own gloves on, and keep them on. Before this point it’s always better to go for the mitten approach. Gloves with fingers should be reserved until kids get a little older. There are a wide range of mittens and gloves but perhaps the most important aspect of buying gloves for children is to buy more than one pair. Gloves are lost really easily and if the weather is bad you’ll need to resort to a replacement pair very quickly.


One of the easiest ways to keep warm is with thermal layering. And this goes for adults and children alike. Younger kids especially can’t always tell you if they are too cold or too hot, so you’ll often find that it’s only by trial and error that you find the right amount of layering for the specific weather conditions.

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