Choosing the Perfect Jewelry For Your Valentine

 Many men don’t feel comfortable picking out jewelry as a Valentine’s Day gift, and most women don’t even think of a gift of jewelry for a man. People resort to gifts of flowers and chocolates because these gifts are safe: everyone loves them, they’re fairly easy to pick out, and they’re a low investment. But long after the flowers and chocolates are gone, Valentine’s Day jewelry is still around, if you’re able to choose the right piece.

A gift of jewelry can be meaningful and long-lasting. But both sexes may shy away from the jewelry store before Valentine’s Day because of the pressures associated with jewelry and the fear of investing in the wrong item. Try following these tips for choosing the perfect jewelry for your Valentine, in addition to browsing around online jewelry stores for ideas, advice, or a unique find.

Survey the current jewelry collection. Buying jewelry comes with the risk of purchasing something she won’t like or won’t wear. Look in her jewelry box, or simply at the jewelry she wears every day, to get a sense of her style and the pieces she already owns.

Is the majority of her existing jewelry silver or gold? Does she seem to prefer simple elegant pieces, large chunky jewelry, extravagant details, or vintage items? Does she own a lot of metals or gems, and which types? Choosing something different from the rest of her collection may make your gift unique and treasured, as long as it matches her style.

Choose your diamonds carefully. Diamonds have a different meaning than other gems when it comes to gifts of jewelry. While Valentine’s Day can be the perfect occasion to propose marriage, a diamond can send the wrong message or intention. Don’t give a diamond ring unless you’re proposing or already married.

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A diamond bracelet, necklace, or earrings can make a wonderful promise gift if your relationship is solid or you’re ready to take things to the next level. If your Valentine is your spouse, a diamond is both appropriate and meaningful. When shopping for engagement rings, San Diego jewelry store clerks can help guide you through the process of picking a ring that’s perfect for your Valentine.

 Heart-shaped jewelry can mark the occasion. The heart is the universal symbol of love and a common Valentine’s Day theme that can be worn throughout the year. A piece of heart-shaped jewelry can say I love you? or I care without stepping out of line. A heart is perfect for a new romance or one that’s decades old. Charm jewelry is both timeless and currently trendy, so consider an engraved heart charm for the love of your life.

 Go vintage when you’re not sure. Vintage jewelry can be a very meaningful gift because many pieces have a rich story behind them that make the recipient feel very connected to both the gift and the person giving it. Vintage jewelry is also unique, timeless, hip, and fun to wear. Give your sweetheart a piece of heirloom vintage jewelry handed down in your family to send a meaningful message. Look for vintage jewelry online for that perfect heart or cupid charm, beautiful brooch, or chunky costume ring.

 If your Valentine is a man. Don’t shy away from the jewelry store! Take this opportunity to make a bold move by giving your man a gift of jewelry. Men like to wear appropriate jewelry, but many of them aren’t comfortable stepping inside a jewelry store to make a purchase. Show your man how much you care with men’s bracelets, watches, cuff links, or a vintage money clip.

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