Choosing The Perfect Wedding Car

Don’t leave planning and booking your wedding car until the last minute. Planning this stage of your wedding is just as important as planning the venue or the dress and if you do leave it until the last minute, you will be disappointed. Don’t expect to be able to book your dream car if you leave it until the month of your wedding because wedding car companies get extremely busy and will not be able to shuffle their bookings around.

When you book your wedding car there are a few things that you should think about. Firstly you should always see the car before you agree to anything; you should also check the company’s insurance and check exactly what you’re paying for. If you want your day to run as smoothly as possible then you should ask whether you have exclusive use of the car. If you are sure of this then you know that the company will be solely focused on your day. If you don’t check exactly what you’re getting for your money then you could find yourself double booked; in this case, if you’re running late, then you’ll be left without a car as they will have had to rush off to the next wedding. You should also ask about the preparations that they make for each wedding; after all, you don’t want your chauffeur getting lost. You should also ask to look at testimonials from past customers to how they rated the service.

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Although you shouldn’t leave the booking of your wedding car until the last minute it should be the last of your major preparations. When you book your chosen car the company will ask you a few questions such as the date, time and venue of your wedding so it’s important that you have booked these first.

Knowing these details will make it much easier for the chauffeurs to prepare for your wedding; they will be able to take a trip to the destination and estimate the journey time on your big day in order to make sure that you get there on time.

Your wedding car will also tie into the day itself so you may be asked about the colour scheme and decorations that are being used at the wedding or the reception so that the car can be decorated to match. If you think you’ll need something to calm those last minute nerves, you could always be a little cheeky and ask for a bottle of champagne to be thrown into the package.

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