Dental Implant for Improved Appearance

In spite of the advancement in dental treatment, people still suffer from tooth loss. This loss mostly occurs due to tooth decay or an injury. A dental implant is a useful treatment that bridges the cavity and brings improvement in appearance.

Defining Dental Implant

Teeth implants are artificial tooth roots. The treatment with them is designed to provide a strong foundation for permanent or detachable teeth that are created to match the natural teeth.

The implants look natural. No one can detect the false tooth due to this reason. The implanted teeth become permanent because they combine with the jawbone.

Benefits of the Treatment

People who have lost teeth opt for dental implant to improve their appearance. Speech impairment can be the result of missing teeth. These devices help people to speak without any worry. Having an implant is a comforting feeling because with time the tooth becomes a part of you.

A missing tooth can create difficulty in chewing. Because the implant acts like your original tooth, it makes chewing an easy task. Improved oral health is another benefit of dental implant.

Unlike the tooth replacement treatment with dental bridges, this does not need trimming the surrounding teeth to fit into the cavity. Nearby teeth are not required to provide any support to the implant, and therefore, the remaining teeth are left untouched.

Implants are durable. One implant can last for a long time. However, extensive care is required to make the implant last. Removable teeth can cause embarrassment in the public place. Moreover, because implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth, these do not cause the embarrassment.

Success Rate

The success rate of the implant may differ. Depending on the area where the implant is fitted, the result may vary. Usually, this missing tooth replacement treatment is successful and last for a long time with proper care.

Eligibility for the Treatment

This may be the question for many. Anyone can obtain this treatment. The patient needs to be healthy enough to endure the process of surgery. Dental surgeons check the jawbone and gum to see whether they are healthy enough to hold the implant.

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The patients also need to take care of their teeth and visit the doctor regularly. Those who are considering this treatment need to discuss with the dental surgeon. They need to know whether the treatment is right for them.

Process of the Treatment

The treatment procedure begins with the development of a treatment schedule. Each patient is treated differently. Dental surgeons take care of everyone’s particular requirement during the treatment procedure. Once the dentists understand your requirement, the treatment begins.

A small post made from titanium is fitted into the cavity with a surgical procedure. After that the jawbone is left to heal. This can take between 6 and 12 weeks.

After the jawbone is healed and it has grown around the post, another connector post is attached to the earlier one. This one holds the new tooth intact to the place.

Making the new tooth can be a tricky job as the new tooth needs to match the remaining teeth. The dentist takes an impression of the teeth to design the new tooth.

The orthodontists match the colour of the artificial tooth to the natural ones. As the jawbone is fixed around the tooth, it feels and looks natural.

Pain Factor

This is not a painful treatment. Local anaesthesia is used during the treatment. This treatment is often less painful than a tooth extraction.

Taking Care of the Implants

The implants normally last for a long time. However, you need to take adequate care of the artificial teeth to make it last that long. It is important to follow the instruction of the dentist.

For the first few days, it is essential to brush your teeth after each meal. You can use a small, soft toothbrush to clean the area. Apart from this, you need to visit the dentist regularly.

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