Don’t Let The Bride Have All Of The Attention On Your Big Day

Traditionally weddings have always been about the bride, she is the centre of attention throughout the entire day. In many cases it seems as though the groom is just a mere accessory that completes the outfit, but come on, without the groom there would be no wedding right? It seems unfair that the bride should be the one that gets all of the special treatment and any token gestures in his direction appear to be that, token gestures, afterthoughts when all of the main planning has been done. Not that the groom generally has much to do with the planning anyway. But there is one area of the day that he can take charge of and use to make an impression himself, and that is in the area of the wedding cars. Traditionally the bride has always had the luxury car to take her to the wedding venue, and the groom has generally been left to make his own way there, but why should he have to settle for a lift with the best man when he could organise something so much better?

Setting The Tone

By all means book the bride the car of her choice so that she feels as special as she possibly can as she rides through the town to your chosen venue, but spare a thought for the groom. Doesn’t he deserve a little treat, a ride in his dream car on his last day as a single man. Aside from the traditional wedding cars such as the Rolls Royce and the Bentleys of the luxury world, there are also iconic sports cars to be hired, either with or without a driver which will see you arriving at your venue in style, just like the bride. Yes it may take away from some of her spotlight which is why you need to make sure that the groom makes his entrance well in advance of the bride so that the dream car gets the full attention that it so rightly deserves. What could be better than turning up to your venue in a Ferrari or a Lamborghini and taking the spotlight yourself for a while, and think of all of the photo opportunities that it will present.

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Plan Ahead

When the time comes for you to plan your wedding, make it known early on that you would like to have a dream car of your own for the big day. It is unlikely that you will be given any part of the planning procedure so you will need to make your voice heard. You could even earn some valuable brownie points in your bride’s eyes by offering to handle the booking of all of the wedding cars yourself. If you do manage the cars yourself remember that you only have a certain amount of money to play with as the budget for a wedding has to cover a lot of things. There may not have been any money allocated for a groom’s car, so if the budget won’t stretch to it you may end up paying for it yourself.

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