Dorm Room Safety Tips | 5 Musts

Moving off to college is a big adjustment for students and parents. Safety becomes a big concern when mom and dad aren’t down the hall or a phone call away. Take the steps to ensuring that the home security lessons that were learned before leaving home are carried out into college living.

1. Get to Know Your RA

Resident assistants are assigned to college dorms to provide safety and leadership to the incoming students. Take the time to get to know this person. Their job is to make sure rules given by the university are followed, room checks are completed, and well being of the students are maintained. They provide a safe place if suspicious activity is observed or if anyone unknown makes their way into the building. Safety measures that should be taken in any situation should be discussed by the RA.

2. Lock and Key

Whether you’re in the room or away, it’s safest to always lock the door. The luxury of a home security system has been left at home, so make sure the locks always function properly and the key is always close by. If your key gets lost or stolen report it to your RA and the Housing Department. Immediately have the lock replaced. Sometime a charge is given for this. Don’t take the risk of all of your belongings being stolen or destroyed because of a small fee.

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3. Campus Security and Alerts

Find out how your campus goes about alerting the student body of lockdowns or other dangerous situations. Many schools have gone to text alert programs where messages can instantly be sent out to students via SMS text message in the event of an emergency.

Have the number to campus security on hand while in attendance at school. If you see any crimes or suspicious people on campus, alert the campus security immediately.

4. Room Safety

It’s time to put all those years of room cleaning to good use! But this time it’s for safety. Keep clothing and other items organized for safety. The last thing anyone wants in an emergency situation is to trip over shoes or a pile of books. With space being limited, it’s best to have an easy exit strategy out of your room. Keep your phone charged and keys nearby for easy access.

5. Know Your Neighbors

Part of college is getting out and meeting new people. Just like you would at home, get to know the people in the rooms nearby. Whether it becomes a friendship or remains an acquaintance, knowing these people will be helpful in identifying possible strangers or just generally being aware of the activity going on around the floor.

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