Family Safety Around Open Fires/Wood Burners

Safety is extremely important when it comes open fires and wood burning stoves, the reasons clear enough that we don’t need to explain!

Obviously as conscientious home owners we are always looking for the best ways to keep our property and those within it safe so using the correct fireside accessories is essential; purchasing the incorrect fireside accessories or not purchasing certain items at all could lead to a disastrous outcome. For example, there are certain fire safety guards that are more appropriate for protecting infants and children from burning themselves on a hot fireplace than others which are more for aesthetic purposes.

Fireguard or Spark guards

As mentioned, there are different kinds of fireguard and spark guard types and depending on the type of fire you have and the purpose for which you need the fireguard there is something for every size, type and requirement.

  • 3 Panel Hinged
    Folding 3 panel fireguard that is relatively tall and enables easy storage due to the 2 hinged folds
  • Dome Shaped
    These are very popular for using with smaller fireplaces due to the good safety aspects, also there are many different designs/styles to choose from
  • Flat Screen
    Strong, large and very robust, these are mainly used for stopping sparks hitting people or objects
  • Folding
    Four folding panel fire screens have spark resistant meshes and due to the folding element the fire guard is very easy to store
  • Nursery Guards
    these are sturdy fire guards that protect infants from touching the fireplace. The nursery fire guards are mesh and also cover the top of the fire making it extremely safe for infants to be near the fire without being burnt.
  • Spark Guards
    The majority tend to be dome shaped although some are taller or wider, again there are many styles to choose from
  • Stove Guards
    These are typically wide but not very high due to the majority of stove dimensions
  • Wedge
    The wedge style fireguards are very stable due to the triangular design shape at the bottom of the guard
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As there are so many sizes, types and styles to choose from in terms of fireguards and spark guards, before any purchase is made home-owners should research online or go to a fireplace store to ask which type of product is ideal for their fireplace and circumstances.

Additional Fireside Accessories

Once you have your fire or spark guard there are other fire side accessories that you may want to think about purchasing. Below is a quick overview of what you may want or require as part of your fireside collection:-

  • Companion sets
    these are just as they sound, your fireside companion with all tools you need for keeping your fire stocked and also for cleaning it down, generally they will include a **, brush, tongs and a shovel.
  • Coal Buckets
    a clearly essential fireside accessory if your primary choice of fuel is coal, even if not it would certainly add to the effect
  • Log Baskets
    are classic looking that also enables home-owners with log fires to store logs neatly and conveniently near to their fire or stove
  • Fire Grates
  • Ash Pans

For each product above there are many different types, styles and colours available. Some of the accessories are a necessity in terms of safety and operation but some are purely nice to haves, make sure the need to haves come before the nice to haves!

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