Features Guys Secretly Want For Their Bathrooms (But Won’t Admit To)

Bathroom Basketball Anyone?

When I was a child, my dad bought a basket ball game for the bathroom. As a child I used to love playing with this when I was in the bath, throwing the little rubber ball into the hoop attached to the bathroom wall. My dad was also a keen player of this game, and I have my suspicions about who he had really bought the game for. I moved out of my parents’ house a number of years ago, but the basket ball hoop still remains. My mother took it down as soon as all the children had grown up. None of us protested, apart from dad who reattached it to the wall. Fair enough I say, he’s worked hard all his life, let him have his bath based basket ball fun.

I mentioned this to my friends in the pub last night and all the males in the group want to get one for their home bathrooms – so it seems that my dad is not alone in his enthusiasm for bathroom based basket ball games.

A Wee Bit Of Fun

If someone said they were playing with their wee, you would probably assume they were referring to their Nintendo console. However, innovations in urinal technology (not a phrase you hear everyday) could mean that this statement could be taken literally.

A couple of computer games manufacturers have created urinals that double up as gaming consoles. These urinals have actually been installed in a number of pubs, and male customers are able to play quizzes and target games while they use the facilities.

Above the urinal is a splash-proof computer screen, and the urinal bowl has various sensors around its inside. For instance, the multiple choice quiz game allows the player to choose their answer by aiming their spray at either sensor A, B or C. Your score can be uploaded to the internet so that you can compare results with other players, and there is even a mobile phone app that displays statistics and allows you to share your score with friends.

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I mentioned the urinal games to my friends in the pub last night and they were unanimously effusive about wanting one in their home bathrooms. Suddenly, in that pub at that moment, the future didn’t look so bleak.

The economy, global warming, the depletion of fossil fuels no longer seemed to hold a threat, just so long as we could all take refuge in our bathrooms playing the Wee’kest Link (oh, marvel at m punning genius).

Toilet Of The Future!

New York is home to a very unusual restaurant: a ninja-themed restaurant. This restaurant has waiter’s who are dressed as Ninjas, and customers have to go through a Ninja training programme before they can eat. But going through the Ninja training is well worth your effort, though not necessarily for the food, which although apparently being very nice is nothing compared to their bathroom. It is fitted with a toilet that has a control panel which controls the temperature of the toilet seat, a water spray, a deodoriser and a blow drier so that you can have your bottom blow dried. Needless to say, my male friends were very taken with the idea of having one of these in their homes, and I have to say I agree; it would certainly be a talking point.

There are a number of quirky bathroom items designed for the male market: oddly shaped toilets, flashing toilet seats, unusual bathroom lighting solutions and comedy bathroom mirrors that distort reflections.

What unusual things to do you have or want in your bathroom? Leave your comments below.

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