Five Rainy Day Resources For Busy Mums

The weather can’t seem to make up its mind lately¬† sun, rain, wind and snow, all within the space of a few weeks. With the Easter and summer holidays fast approaching, you can’t always rely on British weather to help you in occupying your kids, especially when you’re busy doing other things. So what exactly can you do when the weather is grim and your kids are stuck in the house and bored? Look no further than the following five rainy day resources, for all you busy mums out there.


Children are always fascinated by balloons, and it’s an easy and cheap way to keep them entertained. Simply blow up a few balloons and let your kids play with them. Why not try challenging them to see how long they can keep the balloons up in the air?

Board games

This may require some more supervision, but board games are a great way to get all of your children involved in a group activity on a rainy day. Whether it’s Monopoly, Cluedo, or even Scrabble, board games are guaranteed to relieve the boredom and get your children engaged. Don’t have any board games to hand? Show your children how to play charades, or even encourage them to play hide-and-seek.

Get creative

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Being stuck inside all day can make your kids irritable and fidgety, so why not encourage them to relieve that energy by creating their places to play? This can be as simple as creating a car out of a cardboard box, a tent out of some chairs and blankets, or even their own sandbox¬† fill a box with sand, rest it on some blankets to reduce mess and let your children’s imaginations do the rest of the work.


Sometimes a really good children’s film can make rainy days fly by, especially in the evening after a long day of playing. Cuddling up together and watching a film is the best preparation for a good night’s sleep and it can make the perfect end to an activity-packed rainy day.

School Stickers Spring Calendar

This fantastic online resource is essential for any busy mum looking to keep their children occupied on a rainy day. The school stickers spring calendar gives suggestions for several ways in which to prevent children from becoming bored, from encouraging them to write stories on 10th April, to recreating Shakespeare on 23rd April. It’s fun, educational and will definitely make boring rainy days a thing of the past.

What other ways can mums make rainy day boredom a thing of the past? Share in comments below.

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