Flea Bites In Children Are Preventive And Easy To Get Rid Of

Before you read about how to avoid flea bites, it is best if you first get to know what these fleas are in the first place. The fleas are tiny insects that are found mainly on pets, but these are also known to bite humans, especially children. If your pet animals are infested with fleas, there is good chance that these fleas will irritate you and your children also. There are different types of fleas the most common are cat fleas, but dog fleas and human fleas are also found in people.

Why Fleas Can Be Harmful for Children’s Skin

Basically, the fleas are harmful because of their saliva, which they inject into our body. Their saliva has an anticoagulant, which is injected into the body to prevent the blood from clotting. After this, they suck the blood from our body leaving a red bump, which causes irritation and itching. Besides the simple itching and irritation, the anticoagulant, which they inject into the body is actually dangerous for health and can cause infections.

After the fleas bite the children, it causes red bumps on the skin. When you look at those bumps closely, you will find that there is a small hole in the middle of each bump. This is the hole from where these fleas bite humans and suck their blood.

Symptoms of Flea Bites on Children’s Skin

Children can feel consistent itchiness on these bumps created by the fleas. At many times, children itch so hard that blood flows out of these bumps. If any sort of bacteria attack the wound, then it may cause severe skin infections in children. Fleas also transmit different diseases from host to another host such as bubonic plague (luckily, not very common occurrence today) because the flies travel from one place to another without any pause.

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Treatment of Flea Bites

Treatment measures against flea bites in children can be provided as follows:

  • It is appropriate to start home treatments the moment you discover any symptom of flea bites.
  • Wash the area which is affected by flea bites with cold soapy water to soothe the itching of skin.
  • After washing the area, ice the affected area using ice cubes wrapped in a piece of cloth.
  • Instruct the child not to scratch the area to avoid infections.
  • Visit the doctor for more treatment instructions.
  • Doctor may prescribe calamine lotion and anti allergic for children to implement and take for treating the severe or minor effects of flea bites.

Preventive Measures from Flea Bites

Existing fleas in house bite small children. So, following are some of the preventive measures to prevent children from the flea bites:

  • To protect children, clean your house from the flea infestation.
  • Mostly, these fleas are present in abundance on carpets and upholstery and so regular vacuuming is recommended.
  • For upholstery, wash the fabric with warm water. The heat will kill the fleas.
  • A calamine lotion on the flea bite can also help in reducing the itching sensation in children along with the swelling.
  • The reaction flea bites on children may not be immediate on the skin. But, when it bites children, the initial or some symptoms appear after some time.
  • Take care of your pet and take it for regular treatment to its veterinarian.
  • Professional help can also be taken to get rid of fleas such as fumigation process in home.

Once the itching of flea bites is healed, children will stop scratching on skin. The remedial and preventive measures to get rid of fleas and their bites can take a few days but a trip to doctor’s is important to prevent any other serious infection in children.

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