Four Wedding Day Planning Essentials

If you are organising a wedding there’s a few things which need to be done in advance.

There are many things which need to be arranged for a wedding, with many brides and grooms finding that they are overwhelmed with the organisational task. However, planning a wedding isn’t difficult, as long as the planning is done at an early stage and everything isn’t left until the last minute.

Some wedding day essentials which can’t be left until the last minute include:

Ceremony and venue

You won’t have a wedding if the locations of the venue and the ceremony aren’t chosen months in advance. Prospective brides and grooms book wedding venues more than a year in advance so it’s important you get in early if you’ve set your heart on a country mansion or a city hotel.

Wedding dress and suit hire

Choosing the wedding dress can’t be rushed. There’s a whole host of things to think about. But while the wedding dress might be the realms of the bride, the groom will also have to work out, with a little help of course, what to wear himself. Suit hire is normally the chosen option, but if you’ve got a large wedding party and you want the best suits you might not have a lot of choice if you leave things too late.

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Wedding car hire

Getting to the venue in a dream car is top of every bride’s wish list. But if you’ve not booked in advance your dream car might not be what you’d envisaged. Some brides and grooms are now hiring a car for the wedding weekend rather than just as a mode of transport to the church and venue. It’s usually a more cost-effective way of organising things.


Invitations need to go out as early as possible to make sure your guests will not have alternative plans. The traditional approach used to be six weeks before the wedding date, but this has now changed with ‘save the date’ cards needing to be delivered up to a year in advance.


Wedding flowers need thought and time, especially if you are organising the bouquets and the button holes yourself. There’s usually a colour scheme which you can work to and help can be sought from your florist. One thing to bear in mind here is to look carefully at what’s available at the same time of year as your wedding  if you’ve set your heart on a bouquet of sweet peas you might struggle if your wedding is in January.

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