Fun Activities To Do With Your Children During The Easter Holidays

What does Easter mean to you? Chocolate, school holidays, bunny ears… and more chocolate? It can be hard to know what to do with the little ones, now they’re off school for their holidays. Here are some great Easter-related activities to keep them occupied during their time off.


Although baking usually involves fairy cakes, chocolate crispy cakes, and biscuits, cooking with your children teaches them important life skills from a very young age. Develop their culinary talent and celebrate Easter with shredded wheat nests, hot crossed buns, and iced biscuits all simple to make.

Egg Hunts

Although traditionally this was a much healthier game than today, an egg hunt is still a firm favourite for most families. In years gone by, boiled eggs were used, now chocolate eggs are hidden around gardens. Set up a hunt in your own back yard!

Painting Eggs

Another traditional approach to Easter is to paint boiled eggs. These make for fantastic decorations around the house and really get everyone into the Easter spirit. Remember to have a boiled egg for breakfast on Easter day, but not one covered in paint!

Water Fights

If the weather is warm enough, a water fight is a great way to celebrate Easter the Polish way. This tradition began when gents would sprinkle perfumed water on the girl they fancied, now everyone enters into a full-blown water war!

Egg Race

Taking one of the painted eggs, you and the children can head out into the garden for an egg and spoon race. Winners get to swap their eggs for chocolate! (But of course, everyone’s a winner.

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Planting Daffodils

What gets you in the Easter spirit more than daffodils? Planting this beautiful flower in your garden, or keeping in pots around your house, is a gorgeous way to brighten up your home. Paint flower pots with your little ones and get out your best compost for planting daffodils. Any poor flowers that get broken by the toddlers can go straight into a charming vase.

Easter Cards

For families that like to send out Easter greetings, get the kids to make cards for friends and family, wishing them a happy Easter. Whether you use colouring pens, press flowers, or use stamps, make this activity as creative as possible.

Easter Eggs

Make your own chocolate Easter eggs with the children. All you need is: a mould set and some melted chocolate. These can be beautifully gift-wrapped and given to your nearest and dearest saves buying them yourself and it has that extra personal touch!

Go For A Fun Day Out

Family venues across the UK run Easter events this time of year. Visit a fantastic safari park and join in with the Easter festivities, or head to a public farm, where you can pet a real Easter bunny!

Even if you just take a hamper full of Easter-related goodies and have a picnic in the local park, a day out with the family is a great way to celebrate this time of year.

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