Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important things in our lives and it is even said that those who don’t sleep enough may have shorter lifespans, than those who have plenty of sleep. On a lighter note we all know how much a lack of sleep hampers what we need to do. So, how do you ensure you are certain to get a good night’s sleep in your new eberjey nightwear?


Try and avoid watching the TV or using the computer before it is time for bed. Studies show that those who cut out screen time before bedtime, sleep better and it seems the problem lies with reading or watching footage on a light backed device. These seem to stimulate the mind in a different way to the mediums on paper and cause people to sleep more poorly.


We all know that exercise will help us in a number of other health giving manners, however it seems that sleep is also one of the areas it benefits. It seems that getting exercise helps you with the amount of sleep you get and also speeds your way towards sleep time too. However, a workout late at night is a sure fire way to prevent you sleeping as it raises the level of adrenaline in the body.


There are a number of foods that will help you sleep better in your eberjey nightwear and these include milk, chamomile tea and turkey. There are also a number of other foods on the list, including potatoes, bananas and whole meal foods. These also encourage shut eye and help prevent bad night’s rest.

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Avoid alarms as they will really prevent you getting up at the correct time. Try and use an app on a phone that will monitor your sleeping pattern and wake you at a time when you are most inclined to wake up. These apps are often free on Android or the IOS based iPhone and will wake you up when you are nearest to being awake, not in the depths of sleep. Waking up when in the deepest part of sleep leaves you finding it hardest to wake up completely and will mean you are tired for an extended period.

Power Napping

If you haven’t managed a fill night’s sleep then there is only one thing for it and that’s the power nap. The power nap lasts for about 20 minutes in the middle of the day and gives you that reboot that you need to stay on top at work or elsewhere. Many large companies have decided to use the powernap to bring people up to speed after lunch  one of the prime times when they feel sleepy. Though you won’t be able to wear your eberjey nightwear, you’re sure to feel better and as it’s so short it won’t impact on your sleep that night either. So, feel better with these tips and enjoy your working, resting or playing.

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