Getting Ready To Tie The Knot

Congratulations! You’re engaged and about to embark on an amazing journey with the love of your life. Now for the hard part planning the wedding. Exciting, yes. Overwhelming? Absolutely. The process of planning a wedding is a huge deal. From the cake tasting, to the save the dates, and everything in between, this will probably be the biggest and most involved celebration you have ever put together. But don’t worry. Follow the steps below and you’re on your way to the wedding of your dreams.

Enjoy the Ride

Don’t get ahead of yourself enjoy your engagement and just let things happen. You’re spending the rest of your life with your one true love. Life is good. If you don’t take time to enjoy one another, what’s the point? Stare at the ring, kiss each other, hug each other and contemplate the wonderful things ahead of you.

Choose The Bridal Party

Your bridal party members have a huge responsibility. These are the people that will stand next to you on the most important day of your life, so make sure you choose wisely. Remember to come up with a number before making your final choice. And don’t be afraid to hurt anyone’s feelings, this is your day everyone will understand and respect your final decision.

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Book the venue

Many venues are booked very far in advance, so make sure you get on the ball as early as possible. The earlier you choose a venue, the better. You’ll get the venue you want and everyone will be happy.

Set Your Budget

If you haven’t already, figure out how much you feel comfortable spending. Make sure you save as much as you can and try to stay away from too much debt. Don’t start your marriage in the negative. Plan out your finances and you should be fine.

Announce Your Engagement

Don’t forget to tell everyone the good news! Who doesn’t love a wedding? The incredible food, the open bar, and of course the dance floor! There are many ways of doing this, but mailing out save the dates is probably the most effective. Get creative with it. Use your own pictures or even attach a small gift to the wedding invitation. This is your special day, so shout it out to the whole world. Tell your friends, your family and whoever else wants to know. This is a big deal, making the invitation over the top wouldn’t be a bad thing.

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