Getting The Family Fit: Top 5 Activities To Check Out

It’s important to set your children up for a lifetime of fitness by showing them through your own example the many benefits an active lifestyle can offer. Getting fit is important for people of all ages and by sharing a love of physical activity with your family, you’ll all be on the road to optimal health.


Hiking in the beautiful outdoors is a great way to develop an exercise habit and an affinity for nature.

A walk in the woods is a lot more fun than forced jumping jacks or other calisthenics and goes a long way in building a life-long love of physical activity rather than an aversion.

Hiking provides the opportunity to really get out and explore, discover strange looking bugs or unique flowers; by involving the entire family in choosing routes the kids will learn a little about map reading and geography too. Add to the fun by singing songs or counting wildlife, flowers or plants along the way.

Indoor Climbing Gym

Who didn’t love to climb as a kid? Take the family to an indoor climbing gym as a great way to have fun and get fit. Indoor climbing walls have harnesses and pulleys that will catch those who slip and many adults enjoy taking part in this activity that can make them feel like a kid again.

Disc golf

If you’ve never heard of disc golf, or Frisbee golf as it’s sometimes called, the sport is similar to ball golf but placed with a disc and a lot less expensive to play. Starter discs are available as little as $10 and most disc golf courses don’t charge a penny to play on them.

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Free clinics are offered throughout the nation teaching everyone from kids as young as two or three years old to seniors who are approaching 100 how to play. This is an activity that can be played by just about everyone, offering cardiovascular benefits in addition to strengthening the upper and lower body with little risk of serious injury.

Yard games

If you have a yard or a park nearby, yard games like flag football, kickball, tag, Red Rover or just throwing a ball is an excellent way to incorporate physical activity into your family’s life.

Community and charity events

Often, when competition is involved people find motivation to get out and win, or achieve a specific goal. Many communities offer fun walks or runs as well as bike rides and often as a fundraiser for a well-deserving charity. This is a great way for families to give back as well to encourage each other to get out every day andtrain for the big day.

Whatever you do, if you avoid using the word exercise and focus on the enjoyment of the activity, the odds are you’ll not only have more fun but you’ll get fit for life.

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