Great Ideas For Child-Free Weekends

Don’t get me wrong but once you make the decision to have kids then you better make sure that you’ve done everything you want to do as a couple prior to the new arrival. There really is nothing better than hearing those first cries from fresh lungs or those first pitter patters of tiny feet but that really is about as good as it gets from here on out.

Kids are restrictive and woe betides the couple who envisage a romantic weekend away with the kids in tow. We tried it once on a trip to New York and ended up sitting in the dark from 7pm just in order to get our baby to sleep! However, like with most things, the more practise you have the better you get and now we’re on our second child we’re beginning to get the hang of how we can balance family, child and couple weekends without too much difficulty.

Of course, it helps if you have great friends and family to relieve the responsibility for a long weekend and from happy cousins to doting aunts, the children usually have a lot more fun than with mum and dad!

If you do manage to secure a safe and reliable baby-sitter for a few days then below are some absolutely awesome quick getaways so you can get back to basics and remember what made you want to have kids in the first place love.

Posh hotel and spa

The UK is festooned with luxury boutique and manor house accommodation that offers pampering and relaxation away from the nippers. You can rest assured no matter what county you’re living in there will be a spa break just crying out for your attention and from clean sheets and champagne suppers to massages and foot rubs this is one little luxury that you’ll want to keep to yourselves.

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Europe via the Chunnel

Although some politicians may disagree, Europe has never been so close to the UK and from cultural trips to Paris to gastronomic delights in Brussels, jumping on the Eurostar will whisk you under the Channel in no time at all. This is the perfect weekend break abroad and if you have the space in your baggage then bringing home fresh stocks of cheese, wine and chocolate will keep you happy for weeks to come.

Quick trip to New York

A cheeky flight across the pond can be accomplished relatively quickly and pretty affordably these days and if you’ve got a few days to spare then why not go on your America holidays on your own? The east coast is ideal for couples looking to rekindle romance and it won’t take you long to stroll hand in hand through the parks and past the landmarks of NYC, Washington or Boston.

Country cottage

No matter what the time of year, renting a characterful cottage or converted barn will get you out of parent mode and into the country spirit quicker than you can say the Archers. Log fires, leafy strolls and simply enjoying a good book with a glass of wine are all guilty pleasures that you can make the most of without the kids so isn’t it about time you gave yourself a break for good behaviour?

Summer festivals

Granted, most kids would love to go to Glastonbury or Latitude but then again so would most mummies and daddies for entirely different reasons. It may seem like a good idea to give your offspring some ‘life experience’ as they get all grubby and feral but the truth is you’re going to be on full alert pretty much from morning till night. Go on your own because you’ll have more fun and the grandparents will too now let’s party!

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